Saturday, May 07, 2005

Enjoying very much the faith-blogging session. Smart, respectful conversation from a number of viewpoints. (Jerry McClough is sitting by me.)

Great ribs for lunch with a group that crammed into Chris Nolan's sister's monster SUV.

Here's a nice wrap-up of my session.

I caught parts of good sessions with Gillmor and R-Mac this morning. The MilBlogging thing wasinteresting, and the webcast to and from folks in the field went off really well (GSO in the house).

Last night, Chris Nolan and Glenn Reynolds and I enjoyed an adult beverage, then went to the journalism panel. Too many folks on stage for my taste, but Sybril Bennett is the real deal.

Bill Hobbs and Bob Cox put together a good, useful conference. I think Bob achieved his goal of ideological diversity, but this was an even whiter and maler conference than others I've attended.

More from NC.

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Showtime...well, shower and getting to the show time, at least.

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A proposed change in the NC budget would lower out-of-state tuitions for scholarship students at state universities, a move that "would save millions for athletic booster clubs, such as the Rams Club and the Wolfpack Club," reports the N&O.

Jim Capo: "Now the gangsters running around in Raleigh want us to underwrite the fat cats (actually rams and wolves) who want better players on their favorite college teams."

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This article about the East Waynesville church that kicked out its Democratic members points out that Baptist churches have individual autonomy over membership decisions...but that its federal tax-exempt status could be in question.

Meanwhile, NC Dem chair Jerry Meek is covering the story at MyDD and the party blog.

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NYT: "Microsoft, faced with unrelenting criticism from employees and gay rights groups over its decision to abandon support of a gay rights bill in Washington state, reversed course again yesterday and announced that it was now in support of the bill."

Atrios credits John Aravosis, as does Scoble, who mentions The Stranger, too...but I think Scoble deserves some plaudits for speaking up at his blog from within Microsoft itself.

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AP: Craigslist weighs personal journalism

"Craig Newmark told Associated Press editors and writers in a bureau visit, his newest fascination is community journalism.

"Newmark hopes to develop a pool of 'talented amateurs' who could investigate scandals, cover politics and promote the most important and credible stories. Articles would be published on Internet sites ranging from Craigslist to individual Web logs, or blogs."

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