Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Josh Marshall: "Just to be crystal clear, what the senate is about to do is not changing their rules. They are about to find that their existing rules are unconstitutional, thus getting around the established procedures by which senate rules can be assert that it is unconstitutional because each judge does not get an up or down vote by the entire senate you have to hold that the United States senate has been in more or less constant violation of the constitution for more than two centuries."

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Michelle Malkin retracts and apologizes on a point from her book, In Defense of Internment. Says Eric Muller, who helped force the issue, "the method of Malkin's reckless and baseless the method of her entire book about the Japanese American's retraction and apology is a confession of the bankruptcy of Malkin's entire project."

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Hoggard: "Our summer plans are on hold pending Jinni's level of tolerance for the drug that is supposed to seek out and destroy any errant cancer cells...With the primary for city elections coming on October 4th, my anticipated City Council candidacy now looks like a pipe dream."

The HoggFest fundraiser is next Sunday (May 29), from 1PM til midnight, at The Flatiron, 221 Summit Ave., and in the little park across the street. Music food valuable prizes.

I'm serving food and drinks on the early shift. Hope to see you there.

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Luna and I walked down to Fincastles  (second item) for lunch. The joint was jumping.


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Lenslinger covers a big fire in High Point. Get him an Instakit, and he'll put himself out of his day job.

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More on John Edwards' effort to help Democratic candidates in several states.

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The Newsweak article may not have been the spark -- certainly not the only spark -- that ignited deadly riots in Afghanistan and Pakistan. But it seems to have hit some carefully-laid tinder.

Cog says that unsourced stories about Koran desecration are "the norm" in "Arab media," and adds, "Al Jazeera regularly airs man-on-the-street quotes with Koran desecration accusations." He provides a link to a story that claims US soldiers stormed a mosque in Iraq and kicked copies of the Koran and drew crosses on the pulpit and elsewhere in the building.

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From a retiring blogger, lessons learned. Worth reading.

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"Blood was everywhere. Sailors lay sprawled across the floor, several of them unconscious, others simply dazed. Even the captain was asking, 'What just happened?' All anyone knew for sure was that the nuclear-powered attack submarine had slammed head-on into something solid and very large, and that it had to get to the surface fast."

A gripping lede to this morning's NYT front-pager about the San Francisco's collision with an undersea mountain. I read it out loud to the kids at breakfast. Not the whole, long thing, but past the part that says, "Then chaos gave way to improvised heroism and a perilous, and finally futile, effort to rescue the most grievously injured sailor," and on to the point where the captain, despite being provided with a chart that did not show the mountain, says, "I accept full responsibility."

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