Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mark Glaser on what he liked (big ups for GSO's webcasters) and didn't like at BlogNashville.

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Cunning Realist: Pigs at the Trough. "But if and when we see another major market decline, gluttonous immorality will likely become legislated illegality."

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NPR's Brooke Gladstone has the conversation with CNN chief Jonathan Klein that a lot of people would like to have -- she just won't let him off the hook for the overcoverage of the Runaway Bride. He wriggles and dodges and does everything but get on a bus for Albuquerque, but Gladstone keeps after him.

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Congressman John Conyers Jr is an adept blogger.

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Maureen O'Gara's feud with Groklaw's Pamela Jones culminates in a staff revolt at LinuxWorld after a particularly egregious article, and O'Gara is gone

Senior editor James Turner on Monday: "I for one am no longer willing to affiliate myself with an organization that will pay for this type of character assasination...This is the final straw, and although I can not speak for the rest of the editorial board, I am not going to further sully my reputation by affiliation with a sleazy sensationalist such as O'Gara. I call on Sys-Con to immediate terminate all business dealings with Ms. O'Gara, or I will find another outlet for my work."

Proxy combat in a long-running tech industry war.

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71 dead in Iraq bombings yesterday, nearly 400 dead in last two weeks. News or not news, John Tierney?

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Naked opposition to Nano-Tex. If these folks show up to picket ITG's Greensboro offices, I pledge full coverage of the event.

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Josh Marshall on some historical revisionism in a recent Bush speech: "To compare the results of the Yalta Conference to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, the key element of which was a secret agreement by which the 20th century's two great dictators agreed to carve up the defenseless neighbour between them, is truly unconscionable. And to compare it to Munich is little less so...Roosevelt didn't hand the Baltics, Poland and the rest of what became the Warsaw Pact countries over to Soviet rule. The Red Army was there in force already. The question was whether we were able and willing to remove them by force."

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Edwards to help North Carolina candidates. AP: "Former vice presidential nominee John Edwards agreed Tuesday to help strengthen the Democratic presence in state legislatures by recruiting candidates and raising money."

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East Waynesville Republican, er, Baptist Church pastor Chan Chandler resigns. AP reports that many of his supporters left with him.

"Chandler supporter Rhonda Trantham, 27, saw no problem with Chandler's approach. 'If it's in the Bible, I believe it should be preached,' she said." The article did not specify which book of the Bible tells Americans how to vote.

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The Stones are touring. I went to the opening show of what may have been their first final tour. In 1981.

(That show was outside at the Vet in Philadelphia; they opened with "Under My Thumb," not what I predicted, their then-current hit "Start Me Up;" Journey was one of the opening acts and got pretty much booed off the stage. It was a good day.)

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Think those MSNBC blog segments I did were a joke? So does Jon Stewart. Last night's Daily Show poked fun at the cable-news blogging coverage, and limns the hidden connection between my work and

There's a valid point here. Rather than a 90-second wrapup in he said/she said format, why not pay some insightful bloggers to explore and report in a way that adds real value to the programs?

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