Thursday, May 26, 2005

SI's Rick Reilly says NASCAR team-owner Richard Childress' vineyard is located "north of Charlotte."

It's in Lexington, dude, which is part of the Triad region, not Greater Mecklenburg. You are technically correct, all of us up here are north of Charlotte, and I guess we can forgive you, that's just how things look from your base east of San Francisco.

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Amanda Congdon of Rocketboom will lead a session on vid-blogging the news at Converge.

Intro to conference.

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Jay Rosen has an important post about the role of the media. Set aside a little time and read the whole thing.

It includes tough words from John Cole to some of his fellow war-supporters: "I am really beginning to think many of you guys out there don't want an independent media -- you want a damned public relations firm."

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Councilwoman Carmany blogs about the City budget. She really is good at this electronic democracy stuff, isn't she?

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Ron Bailey scorches the Kansas anti-scientists: "Biologists retort by asking, 'So it's OK then for high schools to teach astrology, phrenology, mesmerism, tarot card reading, crystal healing, astral projection and water witching, too?" (via Instapundit)

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Biz Journal: "The push to establish a $23 million ACC Hall of Champions on High Point Road has shifted this month from conceptualizing to action planning."

As I pointed out in February, "we're still $23 million away from making it happen." But it sounds like they're working on that, too.

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