Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Neal Pollack, of whom I am a fan, is catching hell for this article in Salon about his out-of-control two-year-old. He deserves it. I wondered as I read it if the piece was a parody of self-involved, over-indulgent parents.

We were not big believers in punitive spanking in our home -- you don't teach much worth learning via violence and intimidation -- but the message sent by a swat on the butt or a smack on the hand could come in quite handy. A couple of weeks ago I asked my own Elijah and his sister Syd what they thought of spanking. Not that I was planning on doing it, either of them could probably take me in a fair fight these days, I was just curious. Both said spanking was justified when used to make an emphatic point to a small child about behavior that might endanger them or others, or was just grossly inappropriate.

I bet they'll be good parents one day.

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BizJounal: Civil Rights Museum opening delayed "indefinitely."

Justin Catanoso has the scoop: "Construction and water problems continue to plague the planned International Civil Rights Center & Museum in downtown Greensboro...The project is now also beset by steep cost overruns as the estimated pricetag to complete the museum has grown from $10 million to just over $16 million. To date, $7.9 million has been raised."

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National Spelling Bee coverage from Mr. Sun begins here. Frequent updates. F-u-n-n-y.

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Allan Williams, Greensboro Water Resources Director, responds to questions raised by Roch Smith Jr. about the condition of Brush Creek. Councilwoman Carmany asked Williams for the response after reading a post about the impact of airport construction at Greensboro 101.

Williams says some encouraging things in the comments beneath Smith's article, like, "we see no effect on the raw water at our water plant intakes and certainly no impact in the drinking water that we produce."

And he says some less encouraging things, too: "As it is not within the city limits and actually is covered by a State erosion control permit, we do not have jurisdiction...I have left a encourage them to step up their enforcement and inspection. At this point, we can only assume they are using the best management practices that were included on their soil erosion plan."

Read the whole thing.

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An impassioned plea from Jeff Jarvis: "Free the Anderson Two!"

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Speaking of this conference thing...looks like Jimmy Wales is going to make it to Greensboro to lead a session about collaboration and creation on the web.

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In a savvy bit of web marketing, John Edwards announces is own video-blogging plans via Rocketboom.

Amanda Congdon also announces a new Rocketboom site, Apollo Pony, that's chock full of ads, trailers, and other bite-sized clips.

Amanda will be here in October.

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Man's search for broadband on the road, part whatever: Sheraton Four Points, DC: free, fast wireless. Nice. Last night, an engaging dinner conversation with gracious hosts John and Elizabeth Edwards and a small group of bloggers about the future of web communications and organization. This morning, reporting for the day job, then home.

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Deep Throat revealed. Does this mean I shouldn't believe everything I read on Free Republic?

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