Saturday, June 04, 2005

Brent Staples in the NYT on class antagonism within the black community...

...and Chocolatte at Our World, Our View on a related topic.

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More on the Neal Pollack-inspired spanking conversation: I asked my mother-in-law, who has a Ph D in psychology and worked for years as a school counselor (and who also raised three healthy kids) for her opinion of swatting a two-year-old on the hand or the butt instead of relying on words and sweet reason alone. I had a guess where she stood, since a bit of Italian dialect I learned from my wife is mazziata, pronounced roughly as mots-ee-yad, meaning spanking.

Quoth the good doctor: "A mazziata is worth a thousand words."

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JR on the transparency and its discontents.

The paper is doing this right. Not the part about dropping Friedman, but the part about discussing it in public.

The Times is gambling that people will pay more for its content -- not just newspapers, but subscribers as it pulls Friedman and Co. behind the paywall. I'm not sure The Times is correct.

As a subscriber to the print editions of both the Wall Street Journal and the Times, I may launch a new daily feature at this site: Stuff I Read So You Don't Have To.

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Robert Morris 131-1
photograph by Alan Cohen, 1989
Weatherspoon Museum, Greensboro

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Our diverse city: Lowana links to the local chapter of the National Socialist Movement (warning: Nazis love pop-up ads -- although I'm not sure they pre-approve them all).

Best photo caption: "Heilen and smilen."

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I gave Lisa this DVD of Alexander Nevsky for our anniversary. We saw it in the East Village when we were courting, and she loves the cantata based on the soundrack.

Elijah and I watched it last night. We decided that Peter Jackson and George Lucas owe a lot to Eisenstein.

Nevsky was a favorite of my Prokofiev-loving father. He took us to see it as kids -- maybe at Guilford College? -- and owned a print of the film, which ended up I know not where.

The real Alexander Nevsky.

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Councilman Phillips states his position on proposed incentives to bring a Wal-Mart to the old Carolina Circle Mall site.

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Atrios, Kos, and Stoller drop a heavy stack of facts upon the FEC.

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Happy anniversary to my darling Lisa. Thanks for putting up with me for what is suddenly a long time.

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