Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Your tax dollars at work: Josh Marshall has been following a seemingly scandalous story involving a defense contractor and a California congressman.

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Hoggard reports some big news from the Aycock neighborhood.

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Dan Gillmor on the LA Times' wikitorial experiment: "The trolls of this world are happiest doing damage. I wish the newspaper had gone ahead with its experiment, however, because in the end there are more good people than bad -- and eventually the good folks would have made the vandalism a pointless exercise."

Social norms in online communities, a very important idea. I've had this conversation with troll-prone local organizations including the N&R and Truth & Rec -- I mostly parrot what Jimmy Wales has told me, and some of what I learned from Matt Gross during the Dean campaign: at some point, the trolls are dealt with by the good citizens.

That's the idea, anyway.

More on the wiki project from Jeff Jarvis and even more from John Robinson.

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Jay Rosen on why the Downing Street Memos matter: "A representative democracy requires an elected commander-in-chief not only to have reasons, but to give reasons, publicly, for what he chooses to do."

Lots more, of course.

Jay's coming to the journalism conference portion of Converge. Hope he'll stick around to pepper the blogging sessions with some tough questions, too.

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More North Carolina-based funding for the Truth & Rec Commission.

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New media food chain (corrections department).

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