Thursday, June 02, 2005

For a guy who just three months ago wrote a column called "Bob and Carl's imaginary friend," keyed to the notion "I don't think Deep Throat exists," that Jonah Goldberg sure has a lot of opinions about Deep Throat, doesn't he?

Bonus correction at the bottom of the Deep Throat column!

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Progress, of a sort: Hoggard notes that Marcus Kindley is not comparing his political foes to Nazis for a change...

...Crooks & Liars has Jon Stewart video on Deep Throat and his enemies...

...and Josh Marshall deals with Peggy Noonan.

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Reader reviews of the N&R's beta version of a new site.

Now that I've had a chance to get used to still feels too busy, too red, and the flashy ad above the paper's own banner feels wrong on a couple of levels.

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John Hammer says on the front page of the new Rhino (posts Monday) that the N&R's decision to drop the New York Times service means the paper "is cutting $34,000 from its news budget."

But that's not what John Robinson has said; the plan as I understand it is to reallocate that money to improve local news coverage. That's not the same thing as cutting the money from the news budget.

Not that I'm happy about the decision to drop the Times service, especially given the loss of Friedman's column. But facts is facts, and Hammer seems to have made a significant factual error on the front page of his paper.

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NYT obit headline: "Israel Epstein, Prominent Chinese Communist, Dies at 90."

Rabbi Chen Yi will officiate at the funeral. Okay, I made that part up.

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Carmany: GSO budget talks in "zombie zone."

"Mayor Holliday is leading a charge not to have a tax increase at all...but there is one major problem in getting there. That is NOT the direction we gave the manager back in January...So we left staff scrambling with only one working day over the Memorial Day holiday weekend to identify enough 'across the board' cuts in every department to remove $2.2 million from the budget."

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Gaming Google: How Amway's Quixtar and other corporations manipulate search engines, by Mark Glaser.

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Cunning Realist reacts to a comment by Dallas Fed boss Richard Fisher: "The Federal Reserve has now anointed itself the official keeper of the flame of piggish, reckless consumption."

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