Monday, June 06, 2005

Elizabeth Edwards: "My children know what will get them a spanking: leaving any store or public place without me."


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A conversation about teaching the Bible as literature in public schools, at Carolina Christian Conservative.

Related: Greensboro-based National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools is not an encouraging example of how this might go.

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Was I too hard on Marcus Kindley when he said stem cells can be derived from fat cells? Maybe. His science was off, and blaming the media was way off...but Rick Weiss in the Washington Post reports that "researchers have begun to assemble intriguing evidence that it is possible to generate embryonic stem cells without having to create or destroy new human embryos.

"The research is still young and largely unpublished, and in some cases it is limited to animal cells. Scientists doing the work also emphasize their desire to have continued access to human embryos for now. It is largely by analyzing how nature makes stem cells, deep inside days-old embryos, that these researchers are learning how to make the cells themselves." (emphasis added)

UPDATE: Context and discussion at Instapundit.

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Calvin Williams Jr. is looking to hire a blogger in chief.

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Dave Winer will run a session at the Greensboro conference in October: "What would you like from your blogging tools today that you're not getting?"

I was pitching some bubble-flavored name for the session, like The Next Future. Dave said he wanted to be very practical, and he's exactly right. This is supposed to be a hands-on, productive conference. We don't need no stinkin' marketing slogans.

Dave joins Jimmy Wales and Amanda Congdon on the confirmed list.

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All three blogging members of the Greensboro City Council have now come out against incentives for Wal-Mart at the old Carolina Circle Mall site. Don Vaughan added a reasoned explanation of his vote to Tom Phillips' illustrated terseness and Sandy Carmany's eloquent disgust. "I just don't think that a corporation as large, and as profitable, as Wal-Mart needs a 'helping hand' from the taxpayers of Greensboro," writes Vaughan.

I'm pretty much an incentives ho, and even I'm against this one. Hoggard points out that while the area needs retail, "re-development of the ghost town on Swing Road" will probably be profitable "sooner rather than later, largely because of the huge residential development just up the road at Reedy Fork Ranch."

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