Thursday, June 30, 2005

NYT: "Time magazine said today that it would provide documents concerning the confidential sources of one of its reporters to a grand jury investigating the disclosure of the identity of a covert C.I.A. agent, Valerie Plame."

The Times itself is standing firm and will not reveal its sources.

"...The announcement by a major news organization that it would disclose the identities of its confidential sources in response to a subpoena appears to be without precedent in living memory and suggests a turning point in the relationship between the press and the government."

"...The magazine made its decision over the objections of its reporter, Mr. Cooper."

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Wireless at PTI makes GSO a better place to do business. It's as simple as that. Yesterday my flight to NY was delayed by 4 hours due to a monsoon up north. With wireless access and a cell phone, I just worked from the terminal instead of losing half a day. The signal is pretty good, it faded in and out a bit at the end of the concourse but was adequate. Priced OK, free would be better, but cheap is a start.

Made it here in time for dinner w/ my bro-in-law, too. Story meeting today. All day.

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Lenslinger is perhaps unsurprisingly opposed to baseball players hitting cameramen.

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Ethan Zuckerman is skeptical about Live 8: "No matter how dumb you think the leaders of the G-8 nations are, they’re not dumb enough to conclude that people are flocking to a rock concert because of their passion for reforming trade policy."

And he's got a round-up of African bloggers on the subject.

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Looks like the NYT will run its piece on blogging Greensboro on Monday, July 4.

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USDA feeds pro-CAFTA news to local TV stations. Chicago Tribune (reg req): "Amid an intense debate over government-funded efforts to influence news coverage, the prepackaged reports have been widely distributed to broadcast outlets across the country for easy insertion into newscasts."

I don't like the government news. But I also don't like the powerful sugar industry, which is one of CAFTA's major foes and the target of many of the reports.

In any event, it looks like the administration has caved to Big Sugar to get a deal.

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Spanish lawmakers vote to allow gay marriage.

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Sandy Carmany was not impressed by the information given to the City Council on the new Center City Park: "I had the distinct impression of being railroaded." Fortunately Tom Phillips spoke up and slowed that train.

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