Friday, June 24, 2005

John Cole says it: "My party no longer is merely content selling our bullshit. We are now starting to believe it. I'd say Mr. Rove has an apology to issue."

Glenn Reynolds, meanwhile, is spinning Rove's statements as proof of political genius.

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I tried to watch game seven of the NBA finals last night. Rasheed and Duncan, I thought I might care. But I didn't. Neither did Elijah. I turned it off after a few minutes and clicked back through once and then literally forgot about it.

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Chris Nolan on what's at stake in the impending Grokster verdict.

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Big fire in downtown GSO. Cedar Street Apartments burn. N&R photos by August Meyland III and Mike Fuchs, story by Jim Schlosser.

I haven't seen any video yet. Someday, that phrase will seem quaint.

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Instapundit has a roundup of views on the Supreme Court Kelo decision on the limits of private property. Atrios has his own take.

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LA Times: "Hossein Derakhshan, the godfather of the Iranian blogosphere, returned to his native country last week to cover the presidential election after five years of self-imposed exile."

Hoder has been instrumental in making the web a "cultural phenomenon in Iran." Faced with a repressive regime, says the paper, "The Iranian blogosphere has been an instrument for greater transparency."

Great that he'll be at A&T this fall to participate in our little blogging and journalism shindig.

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Lenslinger: "I see a lot of surveillance tape. Bank robberies, gas station heists, fast food break-ins…but...nothing illustrates the casual brutality of man like a recent piece of tape out of High Point." The video is not pretty, but the interview with Marion McKinney Jr is more heartening.

Lenslinger also says of the video, "If you live around here, you've seen it." I hadn't. But thanks to his blog, I have. TV execs, please pay attention: "Let there be downloads."

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