Friday, June 03, 2005

John Edwards vid blog debut. The guy is onto something.

I volunteer to do an interview for a future edition.

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Michael Christopher: a real-life Bob Newhart routine.

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Sharon Begley in the Wall Street Journal (subs. req.) makes a point similar to the Einstein reference I used in my recent column on evolution: science is fuzzy on a lot of stuff, that doesn't mean we chuck it out the window.

Begley: Gaps in knowledge? Of course. Every ongoing field of science has them...It just means scientists have to keep trying. Say "God did it" if you like, but that isn't science.

Evolution is as well-established by empirical observation as other sciences. There is no serious debate that evolution happens..."It's dishonest to single out evolution," Prof. Carroll says, "when the very nature of science is to have unresolved questions."

The emails about my column keep arriving, by the way. People who want to pretend that the second law of thermodynamics is scientific proof that evolution is impossible, etc.

And the faux science keeps on coming...

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Sally Greene says the ACLU's challenge to North Carolina's antediluvian no-cohabitation law is not quite so "baseless" as State AG Roy Cooper would have you believe.

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Onomatopoeia is frustrated: co-workers aren't buying into a new on-the-job blog.

Patience, Ono, you're on the right track.

I went to a meeting yesterday to plan a big project, and we discussed a blog with regular emails to push traffic to it; I'm also planning a blog as I prepare to chair this organization. But I don't expect overnight results.

Blogging is one of those things that is very obvious to people who get it and mysterious to those who don't get it...yet.

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Most-linked article of the day in Guilford County, and deservedly so: Chewie writes about her dad on his 70th birthday.

Being the father of a daughter is one of the great joys of my life. I'm sure Chewie's dad feels the same.

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The new media food chain (continued). Councilwoman Carmany: "Local TV reporters are reading my blog these days and using it as a 'source' for stories. I've done two TV interviews today as a result of my recent posts."

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Wireless problems at home. DSL problems at work. Maybe that's why I got so much done today...

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