Sunday, June 19, 2005

Spent much of Father's Day fishing and goofing off on a big farm just outside of South Boston, VA, with the two people to whom I am a father, our dog, one cousin, my bro-in-law, Bubba, and their dog.

Elijah caught a good-sized catfish


and a bass.

I caught three fish on the same cast -- an virtual tote bag to the first reader who figures out how I managed that.

We saw an enormous heron, a couple of wild turkeys (not the kind you drink), and a few deer. Pictures tomorrow, I think I left the cord thingie for the camera in my office...

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Why I love Scoble.

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I sent a link to David Wharton's post about Roman asses to the WSJ's Cynthia Crossen, who graciously informs me that a correction will appear in tomorrow's paper. Crossen is a serious reporter who made a mistake that was funny because it had asses in it; for all the mirth, the deep feeling of any reporter reading this should be, There but for the grace of God and the copy desk go I...

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The only thing missing from Kurt Andersen's front-page review of Garry Trudeau's new compilation in this morning's NYT book section is some insight from Trudeau himself on his Iraq war work. If you care about that kind of thing, it can be found here. More Trudeau background here.

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This is one reason I'm such a fan of the N&R's blogging efforts: they understand themselves as part of something bigger, and don't act as if the blog party started when and because they arrrived.

John Robinson on the press coverage of received by blogging G'boro: "The real story, though, originates with the local blogosphere."

He limns another reason why the paper is important -- it helps create an audience for us all, and there is much work to be done there: "A few weeks ago, I went to lunch with two people heavily responsible for the region's economic development.

"I asked them if they were aware of all the publicity Greensboro was getting around the world for its leadership in online journalism. They looked at me blankly."

Finally, he pimps Converge, which we are almost done programming for both the Friday and Saturday tracks and which is going to be quite good, I think.

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