Thursday, June 23, 2005

Alice Marshall on military rules and blogs: "The soldier blogs are excellent PR for America's armed forces."

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This Divided State. Looks interesting. Boy that Hannity is a prince, huh?

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I accepted the anti-nuclear-power ad currently running at right, but I'm not a hardline anti-nuker and while I'm sure the Bush energy program is an atrocity I'm not sure the ad makes the case very well.

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Some thoughts on the "persecution" of American Christians, from the Slacktivist, via Lex.

"When protected, privileged and pampered American Christians claim to be facing persecution they spit on the wounds of their brothers and sisters elsewhere in the world and in history who have known firsthand what religious persecution really is. They mock not only their fellow Christians in this great cloud of witnesses, but also those of other faiths who have suffered or are, now, today, suffering genuine persecution."

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City Council notes

Phillips: Where I'm running and why.

Carmany: Yes, I'm running.

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These guys are coming to Converge. This is the kind of conference where it's exciting to announce the attendees, not just the session hosts, because we expect the attendees to be full participants and to contribute to the conversation. That's the unconference model, and we are having ourselves an unconference.

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Truth & Rec blog: "What is success?...There was general agreement in the group, however, about the fear we all share that the Commission's final report will be disappointing to Greensboro community members who hold great hope that the TRC will solve many different problems in the community."

Great topic to get on the table early and often.

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