Saturday, June 25, 2005

Not a good day for my Radio blogging software. Down all day. Worse, pieces of my archives keep disappearing, and archives are one of the strongest arguments for staying with an incumbent service...

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Thomas Bleha in Foreign Affairs:

"Once a leader in Internet innovation, the United States has fallen far behind Japan and other Asian states in deploying broadband and the latest mobile-phone technology. This lag will cost it dearly...Japan and its neighbors are positioning themselves to be the first states to reap the benefits of the broadband era: economic growth, increased productivity, and a better quality of life..."

"...It did not have to be this way...Things changed when the Bush administration took over in 2001 and set new priorities for the country...George W. Bush mentioned broadband just twice and only in passing. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) showed little interest in opening home telephone lines to outside competitors to drive down broadband prices and increase demand."

I remember going to a Liddy Dole event when she was running for Senate, she mentioned the Internet once -- to talk about Internet porn. I thought it was odd then, now it seems like the party line.

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A Little Urbanity: Cedar Street is Hot. Pics from the aftermath of the fire, an analysis of the neighborhood real estate scene, and the requisite classical allusion.

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Chewie contemplates history in downtown GSO. She wants the whole story told. "It means we must be determined, as a city, that we want to know these things -- not simply to wallow, or to apologize, or to repair; but finally, and together, to learn about them. And from them."

(Funny she posts this pic of a streetcar -- the old streetcars that ran through my grandparents' Greensboro are mentioned in my newspaper column tomorrow -- although not the story of one hitting my grandparent's Irish Setter.)

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BusinessWeek: "Microsoft, which has largely been on the sidelines as RSS gained in popularity, announced plans on June 24 to bake RSS technology into the next version of its Windows operating system, dubbed Longhorn, due at the end of 2006." Via Dave, who is feeling good vibes.

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No, Glenn. Rove hasn't outmaneuvered anyone but himself.

The country was united after 9/11 -- as John Cole points out, the House voted 420-1 and the Senate 98-0 in favor of the 9/14 resolution authorizing force against those who attacked us. Popular opinion across the spectrum backed military action in Afghanistan.

The squandering of that unity, along with considerable goodwill around the world, is one of Bush's saddest legacies.

Rove wants to conflate Iraq and 9/11. Instead he reminds us of where we were, and where his boss has taken us. Iraq, however defensible a strategic option, was not an inevitable follow-up to 9/11 and Afghanistan; it was initiated in a way that dismayed many Americans and much of the world; and the bloody mess allowed to develop there is Bush's responsibility.

That's what Rove has people talking about.

Yeah, brilliant.

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"I'm most surprised at how different it feels. Having lived together for so long, I figured getting married was just a quick solemnization and not much more but our relationship really does feel different. Deeper, more secure, more unified, and more equal. Our one week anniversary is tomorrow and so far, being married is the bee's knees. I still get a little giddy when I see the ring on my finger and just thrilled to my bones when I see the ring on Jeff's finger."

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. FRM.

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