Sunday, June 12, 2005

Cunning Realist on the possibility of Hillary Clinton in the White House: "It would also mean that control of the presidency or vice-presidency will have passed between two families without interruption for thirty-two years since 1980 -- eight straight presidential terms straddling two different centuries.

"Is this what we really want?"

And don't forget about Jeb Bush...

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Important media consolidation news from The Poor Man.

If only Cleavon Little had lived to see this day.

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A California newspaper posts the full name of an anonymous blogger, and has yet to reply to her repeated requests to the reporter and editor for information on how the decision to do so was made. The paper lectures the blogger about the transparency of its process, but apparently there are limits...

The blogger is Anna of NCFocus, a frequent and thoughtful commenter on Greensboro blogs. Her story

Via Greensboro's own pseudonymous blogger Chewie, who is mulling the implications.

UPDATE: John Robinson weighs in: "awful...I still can't think of a reasonable circumstance in which we would publish a pseudonymous blogger's identity in the newspaper without his or her permission. I added the word reasonable above because I can conceive of such an instance. If a pseudonymous blogger threatened to shoot up a school on his blog and I knew his name, I would tell police. But aside from criminal activity, I can't."

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Keith Debbage has a useful critique of the "creative class" theory in this morning's N&R (unposted) (why?).

Unmentioned by Debbage (and not necessarily essential to his particular article) is some of the bountiful creative energy in Greensboro. It's organic, not top-down and corportate-led, and busting out all over. And we're inviting the world to see what's going on.

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Hoggard: "Our health care system is completely and utterly broken...bake sales, raffles, and benefit concerts just aren't going to fix the problem."

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Journeyman says a good blog should have "clarity, character, and consistency," which define its essence, or Blogos.

Man, I don't even have trackback.

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Ben Holder says he's met the troublemaker, and it is he.

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Chris Nolan says Kos "seems determined to make regular and reasonable people believe...that 'blogger' is another euphemism for jerk."

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Allen Johnson on Jesse Helms: "If only as a child I'd sat a little longer in the blacks-only balcony  of the old Carolina Theatre and bided my time until someone from below cheerily popped up one day and said, 'Y'all come on down.'"

As noted in the comments to a post about the N&R's previous editorial, Helms' view that "outside agitators" pushed to end segregation ignores the black people who were very much inside the system, and many Southern whites who wanted change, too.

Allen isn't buying the "at least you knew where Jesse stood" rationalization, and neither am I.

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