Wednesday, June 22, 2005

More on the Willow Oaks development from A Little Urbanity, who was invited to tour the project after his excellent blog report on it earlier this month. Nice to know that Greensboro snagged "the best urban designer of his generation" for this job.

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Hoggard scoops the world with news of big changes ahead for the Greensboro City Council.

He was so excited about this when Lisa and I ran into him at lunch that we had to buy him a beer to calm him down.

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Austin Bay went back to Iraq: "The military is fighting, the Iraqi people are fighting, but where is the US political class? The Bush administration has yet to ask the American people -- correction, has yet to demand of the American people -- the sustained, shared sacrifice it takes to win this long, intricate war...This is the Bush administration's biggest strategic mistake -- a failure to tap the reservoir of American willingness 9-11 produced."

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South Elm St development meetings today, 11:30-1:30 and 5:30-7:30, Two Art Chicks, 609 South Elm Street.

City press release: "The meetings mark the beginning of a six-month planning process for South Elm Street. Anyone interested in the future land use and development of the area should plan to attend. For more information, please call 373-2751."

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GSO adds wireless service in the terminals.

Free wireless would be better, but pay service is a start.

$2.99 for the first 15 minutes and 25 cents for each additional minute; $7.95 for the whole day.

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Guilford County should join the 21st Century and allow non-Christians to swear on their own holy scriptures in court. But Guilford Senior Resident Superior Court Judge W. Douglas Albright ain't hearing it. He told the N&R that lawful oaths in this state are made on "Holy Scriptures," and, well, "Everybody understands what the holy scriptures are... If they don't, we're in a mess."

We're in a mess alright. 

A large and growing segment of our population has a different idea of what might constitute "holy scripture," and the judge doesn't get it.  The rules as they stand are antiquated and inadequate.

Doug Clark did some research and found that in Michigan, with a large Muslim population, swearing-in is done without any books.

Nice publicity for our little corner of the world from Iran to DC.

UPDATE: Actually, backdate -- Sue said this all much better a couple of days ago.

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