Saturday, June 11, 2005

Dave Winer: "Inside I was sure I was about to die, but on this day three years ago, in a life-affirming move, I made an appointment with a cardiologist."

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I'm writing. I hate it. After 21 years as a professional, I realize my writing process still comes down to trial and error. I stare at the screen. I think about what I want to say. I type something. It sucks. I kill it and type something else. It sucks, too, so I try another thing. Repeat until it's good enough to move on. Repeat graf by graf, section by section. Then, rewrite.

Sometimes it flows. Sometimes it don't. Today, not.

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A quick trip to the mountains this morning to pick up Syd from camp...a beautiful drive, and a pleasure to have her home again.

She's watching TV.

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Greensboro City Councilman Don Vaughan on the impact of blogging on the Wal-Mart incentives decision: "Blogs have become an important part of my decision making process...It's interesting to note that I did not get any response to my blog on Wal-Mart, but the News and Record did pick up and run a few paragraphs at the end of a story the next day quoting the blog -- As an elected official, it did help me to 'put my thoughts' together in a blog while I was tackeling the Wal-Mart issue."

Vaughan also says he has trouble finding time to read blogs (we all do), and that one of the things that takes up his time is responding to email, snail mail, and phone calls. Eventually, as constituents get used to having their representatives write online, the blog becomes part of the solution to this time-suck -- people get their answers by reading the blog. Courtesy and discretion will always mandate some level of personal response, but the blog should streamline the process.

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Hoder: "After weeks of doubt and confusion, I've finally decided to return to Iran next week for a short visit.

"Despite the risks, I think this is the safest time for me to visit, because the regime is likely to behave more tolerantly right before the elections on June 17th...I miss my country and I am frustrated that I must have fears of going back simply because of the words I have written in my weblogs."

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N&R editorial: "Helms' failure, even now, to see the moral urgency that fueled the civil rights movement reveals him to be a man of small mind and smaller heart. When it comes to civil rights, he is doomed to be remembered as standing on the wrong side of history. He's written the book himself."

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