Wednesday, June 29, 2005

North Carolina congressman Robin Hayes tells CNN, "Saddam Hussein and people like him were very much involved in 9/11."

The Concord Republican then left to help OJ look for the real killers.

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Canada legalizes gay marriage.

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TV news has come such a long way since that summer before 9/11. Or not. "'On the Record With Greta Van Susteren' caught fire this month, with the show's focus on the disappearance of an Alabama teenager in the Caribbean nation of Aruba leading it to second place in the ratings behind fellow Fox News Channel show 'The O'Reilly Factor.'"

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GiT thinks every man will check out this blog, Enter the Gates of Decadence, just because it's written by a guy who says he works in a strip club.

GiT is probably correct.

Greensboro is the strip club capital of the Piedmont, and blogging capital of the Piedmont...perhaps this was inevitable.

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Blogging via GSO's new wireless access in the Continental terminal. Because I can.

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Hoggard: "Allow me to do a little bitching."

By all means, bitch away.

"I'm telling you, playing by the rules and without Action Greensboro's blessing will get you little more than slow-turning wheels down at City Hall."

Lot's more here on the proposed $25 million Greenway and its impact on other worthy projects.

Gate City has some issues, too.

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Ed Whitfield was in Mississippi for the end of the Killen trial, where he chatted with a white supremacist (click right arrow at bottom of each page to continue audio sequence.)

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Greensboro Truth & Reconciliation project gets some coverage from NPR. The jury member who regrets his vote is especially interesting. Worth a listen.

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Darn, I wish I hadn't voted myself that large pay-raise. But I deserve it. But I shouldn't take it. But I might...

Nate DeGraff on County commissioner Paul Gibson's Hamlet act.

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Hoggard: "The city has signed a contract to develop plans for the renovation of War Memorial Stadium and surrounds."

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N&R's Matt Williams: "Earlier this month, the developers of the former Carolina Circle Mall insisted that unless taxpayers gave them $300,000, northeast Greensboro's first Wal-Mart Supercenter would not be built.

"Two weeks later -- without that help -- the deal was completed anyway."

One quibble with the big paper -- it bills its article as an "exclusive," but Councilman Phillips broke the story last night at his weblog. UPDATE: Phillips heard about it from...Matt Williams, making his scoop a little less scoopy...when the sources have weblogs, exclusivity gets harder to define.

UPDATE to UPDATE: JR has more on exclusives.

AND: Gate says, "Maybe if we start standing up to companies this incentive madness will subside." Probably not. Retailers need to be where customers are, that's one reason this particular incentive deal was so rotten...but as long as localities across the country dangle incentives for things that aren't site-specific, like plants and HQs, Greensboro will stay in the game.

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Huh. Did you know there was an NBA team in Charlotte? They took a couple of my favorite players from Chapel Hill, so maybe I'll pay attention next year. Best of luck to all our Tar Heels, Deacons, and Woofpackers, too.

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