Monday, June 20, 2005

Carolina Blog Consultants bills itself as "A collaborative of the best bloggers in the Carolinas dedicated to helping businesses, groups, organizations, and individuals create and maintain high-quality, high-value weblogs." I wish them luck, it's a good group.

Since I first wrote about corporate blogging in 2003, this has seemed like a sure thing. I've been asked by several large organizations to come talk about blogs -- clearly the demand is there, and clearly there is some money in it (I didn't charge the Cone Health System; I have charged other clients, but I turn down more than I take -- I've got other stuff to do with my spare time, like, um, blogging for free.)

A lot of people have been offering blog-consulting services for some time across the country -- I wonder how many of them actually know what they are talking about?

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                               Luna and her cousin Belle

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Binker on the (lack of) funding in the state budget for Greensboro's proposed ACC Hall of Fame: "But of the three versions of the budget approved thus far: the Governor's, the Senate's and the House's, none contain money for the ACC Hall.

There's one more budget version to come, and yes, it's really the one that counts."

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David Wharton wins the virtual tote bag for solving the riddle of the three fish on one hook.

I have spoken with two midwesterners today, and they both say "bluegill." One also said "panfish." When I was a little kid fishing with my mother's father, we said "sunfish" and he said "crappie." Seems like "bream" was what we used around here when I was in school. "Pumpkin seed" I learned from my VA-bred bro-in-law just yesterday.

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                                   Who you calling pond scum?

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Sydney and I drove this morning to a post-card perfect horse farm. That's how she and I start a lot of our summer days. Today we turned up Starship Trooper (I got the CD for Father's Day) and watched the city turn into the country. The farm is just outside the new urban loop, which probably seals its fate as the future site of minimansions, but for now it's pristine. Many worse ways to start a workweek, some of which were waiting for me at the office...

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Mungowitz, greased:  "I will post here only those things that I am willing to stand behind, and believe, in my actual life as Mike Munger, Duke Professor. Since I don't think I have anything interesting to say, in a blog at least, in that voice I don't expect any further blogging on this URL."

This post seems to have gotten him some heat.

But Munger likes heat. Who got to you, Mike?

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"Rarely has a nonbinding Senate resolution with such broad bipartisan support turned into a touchstone for controversy after its passage by a voice vote." CapitolBuzz has the Roll Call story flogging the GOP Senators who missed their PR layups on the lynching resolution.

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More on outed pseudonymous blogger South Knox Bubba. His antagonist comes across as a real charmer.

UPDATE: "An Open Letter to Bubba and his readers...I am very sorry."

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