Saturday, June 18, 2005

Another pseudonymous blogger outed by the print press, in a deliberate and nasty way. Atrios has some thoughts.

Previously, NoCal paper prints Anna's full name.

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TV Dads get no respect, writes John Tierney for Father's Day. Ah, for the days of the benign white patriarch. Not the freshest topic, you might think. But my research shows that the cardigan-clad stalwarts of television history actually get too little credit. It turns out that way before the 1950s -- and right up to the very dawn of the TV era -- fathers were frequently depicted as even worse than Homer Simpson at Moe's. 

It's almost as if the old black-and-white laugh-tracked crapfests were the aberration, huh?

Original illustration from Huckleberry Finn via UVA. No endorsement of any lame modern sitcom or Jim Belushi implied. Here's a pretty sharp take on gender roles in commercials.

Update: Ezra has a more charitable view.

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Trackable panties more popular than blog-fawning. And what it all means for marketers and other people who want their stuff seen on the web.

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