Sunday, May 29, 2005

HoggFest. Starts at noon, goes a long long time. Flatiron, downtown GSO. I'm on my way to help set up, as soon as I make some late-sleeping girls breakfast.

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Also in the print edition of the N&R, but as-yet unposted: Elyse Ashburn spoke with Howard Coble about his decision to vote for stem-cell research funding: "I did not see this as an abortion issue," he said. Reports Ashburn, "Coble said his decision to break ranks on stem cell research was made all the easier by the letters and calls he received from constituents supporting a vote in favor of research. The majority, he said, supported his view."

And, a dead-on tribute to Rosemary Roberts on the occasion of her retirement from the editorial board, by Lorraine Ahearn (Rosemary will continue to infuriate conservatives with her opinion column).

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A nice profile of Kay Hagan in this morning's N&R, by Eric Dyer. Our powerhouse State Senator is one of Guilford County's greatest assets.

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A little late in reporting this one, but...Erskine Bowles was appointed by the UN as Deputy Special Envoy for Tsunami Recovery, supporting Bill Clinton.

Makes his potential next job look a little less daunting. A little.

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