Saturday, May 28, 2005

I never do those chain-letter blog posts that ripple across the web, but Jay and Patrick asked me to, and that leaves me little choice in the matter. So:

Total volume of music files on my computer: none.

The last CD I bought was: Just Lookin' for a Hit -- Dwight Yoakam

Song Playing Right Now: Seven Chinese Brothers -- REM

Five Songs I Listen To A Lot Lately (In no particular order) :

1) Intro/Sweet Jane - Lou Reed (from Rock and Roll Animal)
2) Lost in Space - Aimee Mann
3) Clocks - Coldplay (Elijah playing the piano in the den version)
4) Pressure Drop - The Maytals
5) Red Morning Light - Kings of Leon

Ten Favorite Albums of All Time: (In no particular order)

This one is just ridiculous. What does it even mean? I'll never like another album as much I liked Led Zeppelin II in ninth grade, but it doesn't crack my charts today. Is it one of my all time faves? Crap. This is hard.

Layla -  Derek & the Dominos

2) Europe '72 - Grateful Dead

3) Fear of a Black Planet - Public Enemy

4) Exile on Main Street - Rolling Stones

5) Alexander Nevsky (soundtrack)  - Sergei Prokofiev

6) Dookie - Green Day

7) Kind of Blue - Miles Davis

8) Burnin' - The Wailers

9) Greatest Hits - Al Green (lame to pick a hits package, but there ya go)

10) Abbey Road -- Beatles

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Jeff effin' Jarvis: "What's offensive is that we let the offended run the world."

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I've reposted the audio files of a 1987 interview with Jerry Garcia at this page.

The orignal link to the MP3 files broke when I moved my blog software from one computer to another. The interview drew a steady trickle of Google hits, and is linked from the Garcia page at Wikipedia, so I hope people find this fresh page.

Listen to Jerry here.

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A plea for stem cell research from Elizabeth Edwardsen, a woman who gave her unused embryos to science...and now, years later, hopes stem cell research can help cure her MS.

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The N&O hosts a blog for NASCAR driver Scott Riggs, and Whig Hill reviews it: "I hope he'll get past the well-practiced sponsor-speak and the usual stilted -- if genuine -- shout outs to crew and begin telling stories about himself on the circuit in a unique voice."

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Prayer warriors vs demons, gays, and urbanites: Jeff Sharlet visits Colorado Springs and goes "inside America's most powerful megachurch." (from Harpers)

"No pastor in America holds more sway over the political direction of evangelicalism than does Pastor Ted, and no church more than New Life."

Read the whole thing.

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Happy 80th birthday to our friend Jack McCook Sr.

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Chris Nolan: "Republican Senators aren't in open revolt against the leadership. Not yet. But failing to lead -- and make no mistake, that's what Frist has done here -- is a solid step in that direction. The White House should be very worried. And Democrats should keep it up."

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I came across a small vendor called 37 Signals while reporting this article on blogging within corporations. Now Scott Rosenberg says of their new product, Backpack, "I've already taken it past the 'I'm playing with this to see if it's any good' stage into the 'I'm using this quite a bit and considering whether to move some part of my life into it' stage."

And in an interview with Jimbo Wales that I just did for my day job, the wiki-master reiterated one of the core messages of that ZD article: individuals are bringing simple tools like blogs and wikis into large enterprises on their own, leaving managers to figure out how to catch up with the way people work.

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