Sunday, April 24, 2005

FRM and her intended purchase wedding rings: "Jeff would like to have mine engraved with 'Go make me a sandwich' and I, in turn, am thinking of having his engraved with 'Get a damn job.'"

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David Rothman wants John Edwards to discuss copyright issues in one of his podcasts. I'd like to hear that, too.

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Steve Kerr has an NBA playoff blog.

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Hoggard explains the Truth & Reconciliation org chart in a way even a Greensboro City Council member can understand.

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NYT: "Nascar Continues Veering Off Tobacco Road." Writer Dave Caldwell phones King Richard. "Petty has become a spokesman for Nicorette, a smoking-cessation nicotine gum...Nicorette has become an associate sponsor of a Nextel Cup car."

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The N&R runs an op-ed this morning about mercury regulations for power plants. It's quite friendly to coal industry. The author is J. Allen Wampler, identified only as a former assistant secretary of Reagan's DoE. Sorry, I want more info: what has Wampler been doing for the last 16 years?

Is he the same Allen Wampler who worked with the National Mining Association? Is he associated with Wampler Associates, which seems to consult on energy policy issues? Certainly he has a background of employment in the coal industry.

Wampler's possible professional relationship to the coal industry doesn't mean he lacks useful things to say about mercury policy. But it is information readers deserve to know. I don't feel I've got enough background on today's guest writer. Does the N&R?

Previously: The N&R runs an op-ed blasting Super Size Me without fully identifying its author as an industry shill.

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Allen Johnson comes out smoking: "For a few brief, shameful minutes Tuesday night, City Council member Florence Gatten seemed to be auditioning for a county commissioner's seat.

"Gatten, who teaches etiquette to politicians for a living, was shrill, dismissive and disrespectful in her comments toward supporters of the Truth and Reconciliation effort..."

He doesn't let up, either. Mr Sun asked for Allen's real opinions in this long and interesting comment thread at Allen's blog...I guess Sol got some satisfaction in today's column.

Read the whole thing.

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Here's something to think about on your way to church this morning: Your political opinions may define you as being "against people of faith."

Says who? Not some radical Islamist organization declaring war on infidels, but a group of conservative American Christians who claim that opposing the Republican leadership in the U.S. Senate amounts to opposing religious truth...Bill Frist, Senate majority leader, is scheduled to appear on the program...he's willing to participate in an event that casts approval of President Bush's judicial nominees as a doctrinal issue.

My newspaper column is about the war on the judiciary.

This is a moment to consider just how far we are willing to trespass into the realm of political religion. We've grown used to having our values questioned by the philandering congressmen, wealthy preachers and loofah-loving cable hosts who long ago trampled the line between righteous and holier-than-thou, but this infidel stuff takes it to another level. Having Frist on board raises the stakes.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Frank Rich on the NYT op-ed page calls tonight's show "a humbug, albeit one with real potential consequences," and quotes Bill Maher, "'Activist judges' is a code word for gay."

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