Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Todd Morman on Andrea Dworkin: "Aargh. Why is it so difficult for the press to capture this kind of complexity?"

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Eric Muller wants his daughter's school to quit pushing a book that promotes Christianity and denigrates Buddhism.

More more more more.

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David Wharton on what Greensboro might learn from Oklahoma City.

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Rush Limbaugh has gone completely nuts.

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Guilford County Libertarian Party chairman Paul Elledge is blogging.

The Libertarian Party may be libertarianism's worst enemy.

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James R. Lilley in the Wall Street Journal: "In recent days a series of large anti-Japanese street protests in major Chinese cities has dramatically increased tensions. The Chinese want to block any political rise of Japan by keeping it out of the U.N. Security Council. China also wants to checkmate Japanese attempts at power projection by attacking its new role over the sensitive issue of Taiwan. China also plays on lingering anti-Japanese feelings among Asian states to hit Japan when its economy is still weak."

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Web polls are not scientific, so maybe it's not surprising that this one in the N&R is showing strong support for using Tasers on students.

I think the way the question is phrased is pretty funny -- no link to the background story about why students might need a jolt, just a simple "Should police be allowed to use stun guns against unruly students?"

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Carolina Christian Conservative is un-enthused about NBC's Revelations movie: "Instead, this is an attempt to cash in on a perceived notion that Red State America wants to see Hollywood's version of the Bible."

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Newt Gingrich: "DeLay's problem isn't with the Democrats. DeLay's problem is with the country."

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Yesterday at LaGuardia my cabbie asked me something new: do you want to take the express lane? The project has had its problems, but we booked once we got to the LIE and it only cost a few bucks more than the trafficky direct route. Def pos on the HOV.

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Guilford GOP chairman Marcus Kindley: "The Democrats on the Guilford County Board of Commissioners (GCBC) have participated in a despicable act of terrorism."

The local Dems, meanwhile, have a new chairman, Paul Mengert.

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Brian Buck died on Friday. He blogged about his life, and his illness, with hope and style. His mom and brother are working to put a final post up at Out Here.

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OutDaBox: "Why would anyone open a business on Phillips Ave?"

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McCants set to announce departure for NBA. Thanks, Rashad, for your contributions to this great team and the rejuvenation of UNC basketball. You are a favorite at our house.

Felton: hate to see you go, but expect that you will. What's another year of college ball going to do for you? Thanks, Raymond, for the excitement and leadership you brought to the Tar Heels.

May: your draftability is high, you can learn the things you need to learn in the pros...couldn't blame you a bit for checking out now. Thanks, Sean, for all those double doubles, and for being a great spokesman for the team.

Marvin...stay another year. Please. You will profit from it.

Anyone who does leave early, I hope you'll come back and get that Carolina degree. Good luck and much gratitude.

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Email smackdown between a minion of the Ultimate Warrior and Something Awful (via Atrios).

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Mr. Sun: "I simply can't wait to start cramming psychoactive substances down my pill hole."

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Greensboro television personality Kent Bates is blogging (via GiT).

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Norse creationism vs science, via Backwards City.

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Josh Marshall: "I guess we're into the black helicopters phase of the anti-judiciary crusade."

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