Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hoggard: "Claudette called me this morning in response to what I wrote to make sure I understood her postion and reiterated that she had not been privy to any back room plans for the Council to not offer up a resolution."

Councilwoman Burroughs-White asked Hoggard, why the "'Death to the Klan' march was held in mostly black Morningside Homes instead of lilly-white Irving Park. 'I doubt that a parade permit would even have been issued for the march if they had wanted to do it in Irving Park', she said, 'but if it had been held there, the entire Greensboro police department would have lined the streetsThat certainly wasn't the case in Morningside Homes.'

To her first point: whether or not a permit might have been issued for Irving Park, the organizers of the march didn't seek one -- the organizers put this march in Morningside, and invited trouble to that neighborhood. That's part of the complex story here.

But her second point is excellent: There would have been cops up and down Country Club Drive if the march had gone there.

He's got more on Gatten, too.

What is restorative justice?, she sneers, proud of her ignorance.

What is the rationale for expending vital resources in this cause?, demands the arbiter of how other people's money should be spent (the group wasn't asking her for a dime, just respect).

Who is the Andrus Foundation?, asks the Google-challenged Gatten ominously (Almost two years ago, I reported on funding from the Andrus Family Fundand noted shortly afterward that funds flow through Nelson Johnson's organization.)

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Last full day of watching Chewie's picture.

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Dave Winer: "Podscope is the first search engine that indexes the content of podcasts. It actually understands what's being said."

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Rogers Cadenhead registered the domain name BenedictXVI before the election of the new pope, and he's got a few reasonable requests before he turns it over to the Vatican...

UPDATE: Dave Winer says, "I think the domain should be used for an independently-authored weblog about the policies and actions of the new Pope by someone who is expert in the papacy and independent of the Catholic Church."

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Our blog-friend John of the essential Crooks & Liars gets pimped on CNN...

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The Wall Street Journal's Walter Mossberg has a matter-of-fact product review this morning of Microsoft's Spaces blog software. Mainstream, we are here.

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GayPatriot on Connecticut's new civil union law: "But, until yesterday, no elected state legislature, without having been forced by the courts, passed a bill recognizing same-sex civil unions...And now, a state, not forced by a court and with an elected legislature close to the people, has recognized gay unions. This is huge." (via InstaPundit, who agrees.)

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Crystal ball on Market Street: The N&R's headline for Matt Williams' article on the Truth & Rec fiasco reads, "Truth panel vote won't hurt council." Really? Is that a fact, or wishful thinking on the part of Council members?

"Robbie Perkins offered a second motion to oppose the truth and reconciliation process," the story says. That may not hurt Robbie in his own district, but I don't think it's going to help him in his long-expected run for Mayor.

Listen to the dismissive words of Florence Gatten -- the N&R has posted audio files of some key moments from Tuesday's marathon meeting -- and tell me she hasn't hobbled herself in an at-large race.

Hurt the Council? We'll see. Hurt some Council members? That's another question.

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You know I love me a bad review. But the NYT's Ben Brantley is good with the praise, too: "Ms. Posey, a specialist in gamine neurotics, tones down her usual madcap brightness to create an acute study in self-laceration."

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As I would have said on MSNBC yesterday if we hadn't changed things at the last minute...Josh Marshall may deserve the first blog Pulitzer for his work on Social Security. Now the man behind Talking Points Memo is launching a new venture that includes a group blog and topic-specific sites, extending one of the best blog brands into new territory. He's raising money for the venture, and he's added the option of paying by check so that PayPal doesn't take its big cut.

I'm gonna write a check today. I hope you will support TPMCafe, too.

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