Sunday, April 17, 2005

GoRadio, the N&R's podcast station.

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Jeff Thigpen: The most integrated place in America.

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A new Tar Heel Tavern is open.

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MaxSpeak destroys arguments against the estate tax.

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Atrios notes that attacks on a right to privacy could undo not just Roe v Wade, but Griswold v. Connecticut, in which the Supreme Court said laws preventing the use of contraception by married couples are unconstitutional.

Backwards we head. Flashback: Dubya's Time Machine.

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I went to the new ballpark. I had me some beers and a hot dog. I wrote a newspaper column about it.

"There was a sense of being in a place where positive things have started to happen. The good vibes begin with the new ballpark itself; the private dollars behind it were well-spent and are delivering some quick return on investment. But there is also a downtown that is well on its way to rejuvenation, and around it a city and a region that seem ready for good times again."

Read the whole thing.

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