Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A discussion on the Inside Carolina message board (free reg. required) about the validity of UNC's 1924 "national championship." My take: not quite a real national title, but a worthy example of Carolina's long and rich hoops history.

Andy Britt: "The '24 team went undefeated (26-0), won the Southern Conference -- a major conference that gave way to the ACC, SEC, Southern and other conferences of today...There was no national season-ending tournament then. Carolina won out by defeating Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Miss. St. and Alabama in Atlanta to win its second of eight Southern Conference Tournaments between the '21-'22 and '52-'53 seasons."

The team was retroactively named national champs more than a decade later by a college basketball organization called the Helms Foundation.

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YoCo: "Monday's Championship victory was as much the result of North Carolina's superior defense, particularly inside, as it was the product of the Tar Heels' prolific offense."

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Dahlia Lithwick on Men in Black, the "best seller no one is talking about."

"(N)o serious scholar of the court or the Constitution, on the ideological left or right, is going to waste their time engaging Levin's arguments once they've read this book...Absent any structure or argument...his attempts to draw telling distinctions between similar cases—any legal scholar's primary task—are almost laughably off-mark."

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Important distinction:  I think the fact that I enjoyed reading a 10k all morning makes me a nerd, but posting about it on my weblog makes me a geek.

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