Monday, April 11, 2005

John Robinson has an update on minority hiring at the News & Record.

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A not-very-flattering look at Seymour Hersh, especially his habit of juicing the stories he tells in speeches, by Chris Suellentrop in New York magazine. "On the podium, Sy is willing to tell a story that's not quite right, in order to convey a Larger Truth."

Flashback: the blog post that started it all.

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Biz Journal points to a pair of patient blogs at High Point Regional Hospital.


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Jay Rosen on the boring sameness of blogging panels.

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Wall Street Journal: "The local newspaper in Greensboro, N.C., is trying a new approach to help its readers feel more connected to the newsroom: The paper is asking readers to go out and write some articles themselves."


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Josh Marshall on the fault lines in the GOP: "What I'm wondering is whether Chris Shays is a leading indicator in the judgment he seems to have made...I think his remarks yesterday and today, dropped like a big water balloon down on to the Sunday shows, reflects a judgment on his part that he can survive or DeLay can, but maybe not the both of them."

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Wall Street Journal (subs. required):"In an annual ritual, an elite group of executives and retirees of insurance behemoth American International Group Inc. files into a giant boardroom here, some traveling from as far away as Japan or Europe. They each pick up an envelope with their name on the front and a single sheet of paper inside.

"It's a two-line entry: how many preferred shares the recipient got that year in a private partnership."

I wonder if anyone from Greensboro has been in that meeting? I hope so.

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Ruby has a roundup of UNC basketball championship blogging.

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Nicholas Thompson in Slate on Tom DeLay's mounting woes: "(T)he man known as 'the hammer' is turning into a nail."

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Went to the new ballpark yesterday afternoon. It really is nice. Bought me a big old beer and engaged in the ambulatory mode of visual discovery. Spoke to one of the team owners, who really wishes Locke Clifford (his friend and mine) had not made his dumb joke and who sincerely wants to quell any bad feelings out there...oh yeah, I think they were playing baseball on that pretty lawn, too.

What a great thing this stadium is for Greensboro.

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Jerry McClough has a photo essay that shows some of Greensboro's less-lovely quarters (scroll down to see pics at this link). There is a clearly a mismatch of supply and demand in some parts of our housing market. We live in a disposable culture -- lighters, diapers, houses, people...

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N&R coverage of Roch Smith Jr. and his growing 101 network. "Smith's product is the rough equivalent of an alternative newspaper -- that's published continuously instead of weekly."

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