Monday, April 25, 2005

Holy crap. MSNBC has either changed the rules of its blog segment, or changed them just for Hugh Hewitt. I'm scheduled to do the show on Thursday, let's see what they tell me I can and can't do...Not that I have any interest in doing the kind of tiresome talk-radio schtick Hugh delivered, but it will be interesting to learn more about who gets to say what on that show.

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Dan Gillmor: "The Raw Story, going where professional journalists have utterly failed to tread, peers further into the increasingly weird 'Jeff Gannon' story."

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Eric Muller: "I'd also be curious to know what Senator Edwards' position is on copyright extension, and why he hasn't said anything to date. The issue does seem ripe for a guy who's focusing on wealth-and-poverty issues."

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Here's an article on the use of blogs in business I wrote for my day job. Done as an overview of blogging for corporate IT execs, it may still be useful for some more general readers.

Some pull quotes:

"Blogs and wikis are...basic tools, not narrowly purposed applications. Because of that, blogs can be used to support any number of corporate operations."

"Users appear to be finding new ways to deploy these generic tools...[Ross] Mayfield thinks blogs and wikis could lead to some grand accomplishments that are only beginning to come into focus. The success of Wikipedia, a Web-based encyclopedia created and edited by thousands of volunteers, suggests that companies might also engage in what Mayfield calls 'collaboration at a profound scale.'"

"Technology managers may need to unclench just a bit as blogs go mainstream in the enterprise."

"At Sun, no official direction from above has been required to inspire dozens of internal blogs... 'People are just doing it for themselves,' says [Tim] Bray. .. 'It's like pens and paper—you don't have to tell people what they can do with it.'"

"'This is a fantastically effective listening device,' says Bray. 'Customers are coming to us directly as bloggers. People see us do something wrong or stupid, or missing a chance, and they tell us.'"

Included: Sun's rules for the unruly, and a quickie RSS primer.

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Henry Copeland : "Yesterday a friend who runs a hedge fund reminded me of the Wall Street maxim -- 'sell when Business Week's cover says buy.'" More from Henry.

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The latest Tar Heel Tavern is up at Viewfinder Blues.

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The NYT's Katherine Seelye: "Get ready for the next level in the blogosphere." Barf. My hypeometer just threw up.

The big story is about...a celebrity collective headed by Arianna Huffington that is starting a group blog. Hey, maybe it will be good, but maybe we should wait and see before we declare it the "next level." Then again, the next level could be a step down, so I guess Seelye is covered either way...

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NYT: "Google, which has built a huge business out of small ads related to what people are searching for on the Internet, is now entering the larger and more competitive market of advertising for things people do not know yet that they want to buy."

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Portland opts out of FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force; City Commissioner Randy Leonard worked out his thoughts in public over several months at the BlueOregon blog. Leonard also credits the blog with informing his position on a new baseball stadium.

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Senator Richard Burr on Tom DeLay: "To attack the judicial process and the system the way he has is inappropriate."

Our freshman Senator was on the Brad & Britt show on Friday 4/22. Brad Krantz asked him, has DeLay been over the line? Burr: "As a public servant, you don't get close to the line...that's not the way Tom DeLay certainly approaches things, and you see that in his personality.  I believe that to attack the judicial process and the system the way he has is inappropriate. But at the end of the day, we have an accountablity tool, it's an election that's held every two years."

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