Sunday, April 03, 2005

The latest iteration of the Tar Heel Tavern, posted at Chewie's place.

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Dan Gillmor reports on Bluffton, a South Carolina newspaper's online venture that Dan calls a "citizen media breakthrough."

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Paper Lion on the real new economy: "I have a second job. I used to wear that fact like a scarlet letter...See, I once thought I was alone. But when I looked up from my oar, I saw a galley of people rowing right along with me."

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John Robinson on the future of the newspaper he edits:  "I don't see us in the newspaper business. We're in the business of connecting communities: people to information, people to other people, and buyers to sellers. We use newspapers and the Internet. We use the printed word, audio through podcasting, and visuals with photography and video.

It's all still journalism."

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Cunning Realist: "(T)here are periods in which being a Conservative does not necessarily mean you are a Republican. This is one of those periods."

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Patrick Eakes welcomes his friend Nick Sowers home from Iraq. Having all those people sing the Marines' Hymn at the airport must have made for quite a homecoming. The N&R covers his return, too.

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Thad Williamson: "It's a pretty safe bet that Jawad Williams' 20 points...weren’t budgeted for in Tom Izzo's game plan." I've been hoping for a long time that Jawad would emerge as this team's George Lynch.

Illinois looked pretty fearsome last night, too.

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As I explained it away, though, let my hometown off the hook once more on the technicalities, I thought, this is not enough.

All the familiar arguments against the Truth and Reconciliation project -- I used to make them, too. Here's the column I wrote in 1999 when I changed my mind.

There is a sense of something unresolved in the way Greensboro looks at this piece of its past, and that is because the past is unresolved. If we don't come to terms with what happened then, we can't deal with what's happening now.

Read the whole thing. Please.

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