Thursday, April 28, 2005

Jinni Hoggard's run of great news is interrupted. Some more surgery is required and, as her worser half puts it, "we will have to endure another round of chemotherapy and that is really pissing us off." It is discouraging but the news is not completely grim.

Related: Hoggard family fundraiser wiki.

Keep fighting, Hoggards, you have a lot of people behind you.

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From the Man Will Never Fly department, an article in Darwin magazine claiming that businesses are "collectively yawning when it comes to blogs."

I beg to differ.

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MSNBC is changing things up a bit this afternoon -- instead of the blog roundup, I'm going to be on closer to 5 to play a game called "What would you ask President Bush at tonight's press conference?"

So....what would you ask?

Thanks to Atrios for publishing the question.

Also, I spoke today with a senior MSNBC producer, Mike Tanaka, about the future of the blogging segment. He says it's a work in progress, and that they read what bloggers are saying about the format, content etc. A very productive conversation. I asked if they plan on paying segment contributors, and he said that will probably happen at some point.

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Jon Stewart nails the fake-balance format of cable news, this time at CNN, where anchor Kyra Phillips calls the juxtaposition of phony research and its rebuttal "a good debate."

Stewart: "Really? A good debate? 'Cause it kind of seemed like the one lady was lying...Why don't you call them on their bullshit on the air?"

Watch the whole clip.

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David Wharton tours a lovingly-renovated Greensboro building and concludes, "historic authenticity has tremendous economic value...That's why it just makes me shake my head in embarassment when our mayor says in a public hearing, 'I have my doubts about the whole idea of historic districts.'"

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I'm scheduled to be on MSNBC's Coast to Coast this afternoon at 5:15-ish. Robin Burk has more background on the making of an MSNBC blog segment.

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The Poor Man has the scoop on a nefarious immigrant plot. Nefarious, I tells ya.

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Joe Guarino has an update on anti-gay-marriage legislation in North Carolina. For now a pair of bills are bottled up in committee, which Joe, who supports what I see as a startling level of government involvement in our personal lives, thinks is a bad thing. He wants NC GOP to focus on social issues. Sigh. What happened to the party of limited government?

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Ad Age: "Yahoo and Google's total ad revenues this year could rival the combined prime-time ad revenues of ABC, CBS, and NBC -- a stunning achievement for the companies and a watershed moment for the Internet as an advertising medium." Via Jeff Jarvis, part of another must-read post about the remaking of the media business.

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Journeyman Writer reviews cinematic works as movies and as films. "Most good movies inspire action figures and t-shirts...Classes are taught about films." He likes them both. Today, Kung Fu Hustle, a decent film and better movie.

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Global Voices is a daily roundup of blogging from around the world. R-Mac is going to talk about it in Nashville.

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