Saturday, April 16, 2005

Should cities provide wireless internet access? Methinks yes.

Previously -- check out the comments at the earlier post, sounds like GSO is in the game...

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Annette Cox Wright, contributing reader to the N&R: "That was the day, my uncle, Fields Cox, died in Italy, bombed by the Nazis while he huddled in a ditch with his buddies."

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SouthNow on the interesting gubernatorial contest shaping up in Virginia: "But it's independent Russ Potts, a Republican-turned-independent state Senator from Winchester, that could be the most colorful, and potentially dangerous candidate in the race...Potts is running on a message that critiques what he calls the 'extremist wing' of the Republican party, and instead offers a non-ideological approach to government."

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Fineman on blogging and the media: "I think blogs are good. I think blogs are revolutionary."

Howard Fineman, Newsweek's chief political correspondent, spoke at yesterday's symposium in Chapel Hill.

Who's a journalist? "We all are," he said. "We all have to become journalists in a way," in order to be sophisticated consumers of the news.

Says he starts the day reading "all these websites." Big part of the blog revolution is, "They are linked," to papers and especially to original documents.

On shield laws that protect journalists beyond the First Amendment: "If there is such a protection, everybody should be entitled to it."

"Professional journalist is an oxymoron."

"Depth is what matters."

An interesting speech, a useful conference, and a very pretty day in Chapel Hill.

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