Friday, March 25, 2005

Cunning Realist is no fan of Allan Greenspan. " He has been utterly, disastrously wrong at virtually every important inflection point in his professional career."

He also wants to know why we seem to have given up on finding Osama Bin Laden.

The conservative crack-up is upon us. This is not the administration for which Wall Street signed up.

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I'm switching Radio to another computer, wish me luck...if you don't hear from me for a few days, well, I guess it didn't work.

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David Weinberger (in SPLJ):"This language is weird but completely expected...When it comes to failure, corporations use these formulaic, ritualistic words precisely so that our eyes have no purchase on what's written."


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Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal: "This is a lot of judges. Some of the opinions are long discourses combing back through the details of the case. It is difficult for me to believe that these are all 'liberal' judges intent on 'killing' Terri Schiavo."

Glenn Reynolds: "I thought conservatives were supposed to care about the law."

But this is to some degree part of a rebellion against the rule of law and of science, too

No surprise if you've been paying attention.

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ACC Hoops: Heels under the microscope. What a night of basketball for the state of North Carolina.

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Dave Winer: "Adam says podcasting will kill radio. Nahhh. It'll become radio and vice versa."

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WaPo on John Edwards' podcast: "Edwards, who is running a poverty center at the University of North Carolina and is believed to be pondering another run for the White House, wasn't known for his tech savvy during his 2004 campaign. But he is now one of the few politicians to venture into the world of podcasting."

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Blog advertising still freaks out many advertisers, says the Wall Street Journal. Those companies are afraid of the wrong thing. As Jason Calacanis says in the article, "If you're hiding from your customers, you don't like their feedback, you treat your customers terribly, blogs are the worst place to be...PR people and hype-based marketers are not doing well in the blogosphere."

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The next public utility? The Independent's Fiona Morgan reports on Carrboro's free wireless Internet access:"Technology is an infrastructure like any other," says Carrboro Mayor Mike Nelson, "and local governments should view it that way. Just as we provide the community with sidewalks, roads, streetlights, we have to think of technology as an infrastructure we provide as well."

Greensboro has a patch of wireless downtown -- we need to be thinking much bigger.

(Thanks to reader Paul for the tip).

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Jon Stewart on Fox News putting television psychic John Edwards on to talk about Terri Schiavo: "No..of course..He would never step into this moral quagmire based on the experiences from his invented profession." Part of a rundown of general cable news awfulness, video courtesy ofCrooks and Liars.

I was just getting ready to post this when Brad and Britt called to riff on MSNBC putting Greensboro in South Carolina. They ended up playing the Stewart clip, and also adding a little music to the John Edwards podcast.

I asked them a question: when is WZTK going to bump the light jazz weekends and go to news-talk 24/7? It will happen, they said, although no dates were given.

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