Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Eric Muller: How should we judge the wrongdoing of the past?

The Real Eve says, "How does one view one's ancestors -- if they have sinned but have also accomplished good? And what is an appropriate way to incorporate those ancestors into one's modern life?"

I wonder that myself. 

I don't think I'm wrong to tell my kids about their kinsman Leopold Levy and his heroics on behalf of the Confederacy. I'm not endorsing slavery, I just want them to know that they have dashing characters in their family tree. Complicated.

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N&R: "Blogging forum for public servants to be held in Greensboro."

"A forum on blogging for elected representatives, candidates, policy makers and government officials will be held March 19 in Greensboro."

I've said it before, the big paper's respect for the local independent bloggers is a leading indicator of its cluefulness in exploring this new territory.

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Proof of concept: the comment count rises at the N&R's education blog.

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Chris Lydon is coming back to radio. His new show will be called Open Source and distributed through Public Radio International. Chris says it will be similar to his previous show, The Connection, but "more tightly integrated with the Internet, through streaming audio, podcasts, e-mail, and blogs." Excellent.

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Michael Young in an NYT op-ed: "Hezbollah will come to regret this moment, which has placed the party squarely athwart much of Lebanese society on the question of Syrian hegemony."

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NYT editorialists get snippy over the nomination of John Bolton to represent the US at the UN: "We certainly look forward to Mr. Bolton's confirmation hearings, and, after that, his performance at the United Nations, where he will undoubtedly do a fine job continuing the Bush administration's charm offensive with the rest of the world."

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Timothy Noah in Slate: "Socialized medicine has been tried in the United States, and it has proven superior to health care supplied by the private sector."

Noah leads into this discussion by coining a new word, "flakt," which is "a measurable, demonstrable reality that the great majority of people refuse to acknowledge."

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Relentless Grace links to a landmine-eradication commercial deemed too upsetting for American television viewers to see. Whew. If we don't see it, we don't have to think about it, right?

Watch it here. Warning: it is rough. That's the point.

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Sometimes people ask me how I blog so much. "Ed," they will say. "How do you blog so much?" Here is the secret: I have help.


The funny thing is, I didn't know she could blog when I hired her -- she got the job of office assistant because she matched the rug.


Good dog, Luna.

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B-ball blogger Yoni Cohen is contributing to Fox Sports. From a startup using free software to the bigtime in one short season. Dick Vitale sez: It's a real Cinderalla story, baybee! Are you kidding me?!

Well, that's probably what Dick Vitale would say if he, like, said something about it.

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