Thursday, March 03, 2005

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Lenslinger finds himself filming "an ashy, abstract landscape. Less than eight hours earlier, it had been a thriving country diner, a welcome oasis between Stokesdale and Walkertown. Now it was a soggy, smelly mess...

"I had no answers for Loui...but I for one am hoping his lifetime of good karma and daily specials will now pay off in spades."

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Lowana Currington is looking for some help in helping her neighbors.

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Gee, I guess Mary really liked the weblog class last night...

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A sign of confusion at

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Nate DeGraff: "Another hot site" in downtown Greensboro.

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Russ Williams: "I'm considering making this blog a source for fresh info on happenings and implications related to the North Carolina Zoo. I'm in my 20th year as exec director of the N.C. Zoo Society, the private support membership for the State Zoo."

A most excellent idea for a most excellent organization. Over time you can eliminate email newsletters, and perhaps reduce paper and postage costs, too, all while providing real-time news to your constituents -- who can talk back to you and each other, too.

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Jeff Thigpen: computerization helps veterans at GCRoD.

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Jeff Taylor explains blogging real slow so the folks at the Charlotte Observer can understand.

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This is not good: Federal regulation of your blog could be on the way. Federal Election Commission honcho Bradley Smith tells Declan McCullagh, "This is an incredible thicket. If someone else doesn't take action, for instance in Congress, we're running a real possibility of serious Internet regulation. It's going to be bizarre."

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I've never been able to get that worked up over the prospect of national ID cards, to some degree because in a world of networked databases my driver's license, credit cards, and Social Security # already serve that function. But Jay Ovittore says a new bill on in Congress has some paranoia-inducing provisions.

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Jeff Jarvis on Ted Stevens, our senator from Iran.

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David Weinberger reports on a new web strategy at the Times. "They're doing something bold and important, which I think may mark a turning point...but perhaps not the one envisions."

And on the subject of Dr. Weinberger...having finally finished The Baroque Cycle, my lunch (re)reading of late has been Small Pieces Loosely Joined. When I don't have a meeting or another obligation, I sit at the bar at Sushi 101 and savor a few pages along with my miso soup and spicy tuna bowl, and it makes me feel healthy in body and mind.

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