Friday, February 25, 2005

Racists, racists everywhere. Skip Alston is surrounded by them. The City staff is racist, well, at least the Housing department, says the powerful Guilford County commissioner, who is also president of the North Carolina NAACP. The reporter who reported those allegations of racism? Also a racist.

Skip. Stop. Please.

Mark Binker blogs Alston's latest accusation: "Skip in his own words."

And John Robinson weighs in: "He can continue to distract the discussion by accusing city employees and newspaper reporters and editors of racism. But I have to wonder how well it serves the public he represents."

Bonus: From a comment at John's blog: "(Y)ou referred to Mr. Alston as being 'articulate'- you might as well have called him the 'n' word."

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ACC Hoops is not impressed with the ACC hoops sked, revised edition.

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Judson Cox said The North Carolina Conservative was going to be huge. I have not seen a hard copy, but the web presence is desultory at best: little original content, a handful of links to must-reads such as "Liberal and Christian - No Way," and "Rev. Jerry Falwell on Abortion" (turns out he's against it).

Cox himself weighs in with a meandering column that concludes, "If conservatives can network well, we may all become rich and ready to take over arty little resort towns one day... just like gays!"

The cartoons are interesting, too. "Fat-ass?"

I know a lot of North Carolina conservatives. They should sue Cox for smearing their good names.

Granted, there is a disclaimer at the site: "This is by no means all the articles printed in the NCC...Our goal is to give you a sense of what you will find in every issue."

I think we've got the idea.

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A Little Urbanity: Save the Dixie Building.

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Diary of a Soldier: "It is called the 'Patriot' detail and is organized by the Air Force to honor the remains of fallen soldiers being transported out of Iraq."

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Michael Gorman: "Given the quality of the writing in the blogs I have seen, I doubt that many of the Blog People are in the habit of sustained reading of complex texts. It is entirely possible that their intellectual needs are met by an accumulation of random facts and paragraphs." (via Scripting News)

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NYT runs another podcasting article, this one atop the biz front. Maybe it's the star power of Noah Glass and Evan Williams that has Markoff suddenly showing some respect for bloggers?

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Jay Rosen: "Before the certification of 'Jeff Gannon' as a White House reporter who was good to go there was the Bush Administration's de-certification move against the Washington press, which it felt had to go. These two things are deeply related."

Eric Boehlert in Salon: "Why has the mainstream media ignored the White House media access scandal?"

"Gannon" is back online.

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