Friday, February 11, 2005

What an odd quote from Howard Coble. He meets Martha Stewart while visiting former NC ag commissioner Meg Scott Phipps in prison, and (according to the N&R) tells the domestic doyenne he thinks she is innocent. "I told her I didn't think she should have been convicted. I don't know anything about the facts of the case. But I figure they thought, 'Here's a high-profile defendant, let's make an example of her.'"

I understand that prison etiquette of the sort one supposes Martha Stewart might favor would call for a profession of belief in the convict's innocence -- it's just polite, isn't it?

But the rest of Coble's statement is baffling. "I don't know anything about the facts of the case." Well, then how can you have an opinion on her conviction? Because "high-profile" folks can't possibly be guilty?

UPDATE: Odd, but the print edition of the N&R on Saturday AM leaves out the part about Coble not knowing the facts, which I quoted verbatim above.

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Dave Winer to Greensboro: "Pass this idea around at your next Chamber of Commerce meeting. The role of the next Silicon Valley is in casting. Startup cost, not as much as you'd think."

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Greensboro 101:

"The Triangle Blogger Conference 2005 is tomorrow, Saturday, February 12, from 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. in Chapel Hill.

Carpoolers from Greensboro are meeting at 7:45 in the parking lot of
620 S. Elm St. If you need a ride or can give a ride, please meet there."

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A conversation about blogging and economic development in Greensboro.

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ACC Hoops on Carolina after Cameron: "They're fine, people."

On Felton: "The open question is his ability to control an important game at crunch time. That said, his misplay of the last 18 seconds wouldn't have mattered if he hadn't kept the Tar Heels in the game by scoring quickly on layups down the stretch."

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The Times picks up the fake White House reporter story. CNN catches up to the story by putting a blogger on the air.

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Eric Muller, gimlet-eyed nemesis of bad-book writers, continues his coverage of best-selling author, neo-secessionist, and cable news celebrity Thomas E. Woods Jr.

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gboro has a "Best of Greensboro" list that indicates refined tastes, but also indicates that this new-to-town blogger either has not been to Vito's yet, or that he only likes frou-frou pizza. Also, c'mon, I am a fan of Natty Greene's, but if that's the best hamburger you've had around here, you are not eating a lot of good hamburgers.

Also, "Why Greensboro doesn't suck" is an excellent tagline.

I found this blog via the bloghunter, who also points to an interesting article in the Peacemaker.

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The Guilford County NAACP blog covers last weekend's awards dinner (via TheShu, who also reports that Jerry McClough's laptop has since been stolen.)

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Durham Herald-Sun reports on tomorrow's weblog conference in Chapel Hill (thanks for the tip, Reason and Radical.)

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Dave Winer: "Greensboro is cool."

More: "You used to export clothing and furniture. Now you're exporting subversive ideas. Which is more interesting?"

This is important: "I don't doubt that much of this will happen without anyone thinking it through."

One note: When Dave says, "If you're a blogger in Greensboro, you probably know eight other bloggers," I would add, "if you want to."

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Munger on Davenport Jr.: (T)his 'diversity' bit is clearly just a brazen attempt to discredit those of us on the right."

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Jeff Thigpen is writing about diversity in the "values" debate.

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What's up with Jinni? Hoggard updates us on his better half's fight with cancer. I love the part about the kids pitching in to keep house...a little. Jinni, who will be back in the N&R soon, is doing a real public service by demystifying the disease and its treatment.

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John Robinson: An inadvertent experiment.

Mabye the N&R could use the space occupied by stock tables for more local business coverage...and at the same time increase its online stock data...and, once they get that local biz blog up and running, link from it to the BizJournal when appropriate.

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Patrick Eakes reports that the Westminster Kennel Club Show is produced by a Greensboro company.

Hey, Harlan Pepper is from North Carolina, too.

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