Friday, February 18, 2005

As suggested here earlier this week, the Media Bloggers Association is providing legal aid to the Tulsa blogger threatened with a lawsuit by a big newspaper.

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Podcasting Jerry Garcia. When I posted these audio files of an ancient interview with Garcia last year, they were just, well, audio files on the web. But now that you are reading them in an aggregator, and we have this trendy nomenclature, well, they are a podcast of an interview with Jerry Garcia.

Speaking of which...I liked GoRadio's first outing. Think how great it will be when they start moving beyond recaps of their stories and give us audio of the source material for those stories -- interviews with musicians, artists, actors, reason video clips can't happen, too...this is very promising stuff.

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There is something touching about the way that Glenn Reynolds, who wryly refers to his spouse as the InstaWife, uses her real name when blogging from the hosptial cafeteria after she's undergone a heart procedure. Best wishes to them both, and their daughter, as the family pulls together through this tough time.

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Backwards City Review is having a launch party tonight at the Green Bean, and they want you to come. They really do. 7 o'clock. Or be square.

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The Gates by Christo and Jean-Claude are popular, but The Somerville Gates are sublime, and involve more cats.

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Stuffwriter has been watching too much VH1: "I swear, they are going to have a 'greatest clip show' clip show one day."

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Secessionist and bad historian Thomas E. Woods didn't like my latest newspaper column, which is high praise indeed.

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Frank Rich says the real quesion of Gannon/Guckert is "how this fake newsman might be connected to a White House propaganda machine that grows curiouser by the day."

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Gate City asks a good question: where did HPU's Nido Qubein get $20 million so damn fast? "Quick campaigns just don't happen like that."

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Roch Smith Jr.: "Dear Mayor Holliday.."

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The N&R's GoTriad entertainment weekly has started a podcast, GoRadio. Is it true that JR's new title is King of All Media?

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Ward Churchill likes to compare people to Adolf Eichmann, it's something of a habit. Before he called the people killed in the Twin Towers "little Eichmanns," his target was Emory historian Deborah Lipstadt, of whom he said in 2000, there was "no difference" between "a Deborah Lipstadt and an Adolf Eichmann." Right. Except for the part where Lipstadt took on a Holocaust denier in court, and Eichmann was the architect of the Holocaust.

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