Thursday, February 17, 2005

I'm scheduled to be on the Brad & Britt show tomorrow morning at 8:30, talking a little "Jeff Gannon."

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ACC Hoops on "retro night" at the Dean Dome: "Eh. Mildly amusing for a few minutes, fun to see Len Elmore in his 'fro wig, but you know what? ACC basketball is compelling enough that it doesn't need gimmicks, especially ones that are game-length commercials for ESPN Classic."

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Blogging and big media, as explained by Jon Stewart and Peggy Noonan.

Stewart: "That's CNN, reporting on why blogs are way more interesting than CNN...

"...The Washingon Post, their new motto, you heard it here...twelfth."

Noonan: "The MSM is just another player now. A big one, but a player."

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Next step: the N&R replaces its staid, measured editorials with the good stuff from its own ed-page blogs.

Compare this workmanlike editorial with Allen Johnson's own take.

The Official Voice of the Paper: " leaders must make sure that future commitments of public funds are accompanied by clear accountability...It's an all-too-familiar story after the bankruptcy of Project Homestead, the demise of the city-subsidized Greensboro Generals and now this."

Voice of Allen: "From the Project Homestead episode (in which some council members actually got in the way when staff wanted to ask tough questions) to the slippery Greensboro Generals deal (in which city leaders essentially were had by a group of businessmen who were supposed to help defray losses) to the St. James mess (in which there is nothing but failure to show for $1 million in city funds), the council has been no less than irresponsible."

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Greensboro blogging teach-in, March 19, 10 AM, Nussbaum Center, register here. Site could use some details on who can come, what this is all about, etc.

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Jerry Brown is blogging in his capacity of mayor of Oakland. Big moment. Jay Rosen asked at BConIII, when are Senators going to start blogging. My guess was when they see it working, and that it will prove out in local politics. Brown is a big name, he'll help push this forward.

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Phil Shapiro has some interesting observations about community web networks and the Washington Post. He also says this: "A whirlwind has started in Greensboro that will spread across the nation."

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San Francisco, 1967. Greensboro, 2005? Anton has some ideas for a Summer of Blogs. Groovy.

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The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition used to be a good thing, several pages of beautiful women tucked into a mid-winter edition full of the stuff you read SI to get. Now it's a copy of Vogue. Boring. There are articles -- about models and photo shoots. No basketball, though. Wretched excess.

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N&R NASCAR blog. This could be huge. Keys to success: regular posts, and info we can't get elsewhere.

I don't think readers will flock to a site that looks like just another fanblog, recapping races and parsing media coverage. But if they get some stuff from the reporters' notebooks -- gossip, trivia, deep drilling on particular subjects -- this blog could be the one that starts drawing ads.

Meanwhile, the onset of ACC basketball has improved the paper's SportsExtra blog, which seems to be updated more frequently and with more passion than it was in its early months. But it still reads like a fan-blog, not something written by beat reporters with access to the players and the games. I'd rate it no better than our local ACC Hoops and not within shouting distance of College Basketball.

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