Sunday, February 06, 2005

Go Iggles.

I rooted against them the last time they went to the Big Game, even though I was in college there at the time, because I was a Raiders fan. But in middle age I'm sentimental about Philly, and I liked McNabb long before Rush Limbaugh made him a martyr, and I tend to root for underdogs as long as they're not playing my team.

I like and respect the Pats, and if they win I'll be happy to have watched a dynasty assert itself. NE is not popular at our house, though -- Elijah is still mad at them for beating the Raiders in the snow (don't say "tuck rule" around him) and Syd is bitter on behalf of last year's Panthers.

Lisa and Luna don't seem to care much either way.

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The ACC hall of fame column linked below has started a conversation about the value and cost of the Greensboro Coliseum. I see the Coliseum as an amenity, and the operating loss as worthwhile -- did Latham Park turn a profit last year? The bike trails?

Note that this year's operating shortfall at the Coliseum adds up to about one-third the amount the City spends on mowing medians and creek banks and maintaining park, playground, and athletic field areas.

Also, the Coliseum has a positive economic impact, as discussed in this column I wrote nearly seven years ago. '''You just can't buy that kind of publicity,' they say. Well, you can buy it, but it isn't cheap."

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frograbbitmonkey announces a long engagement -- the wedding is more than three years off -- but the CD thing is totally convincing.

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Dan Gillmor on using the web to open up the editorial pages of local papers in order to create conversation with and among readers: "I truly believe that this is a golden opportunity for newspapers. Whether they'll seize it is another issue."

How exciting to be living in one of the places where the seizing has begun.

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Chris Anderson links the decline of objective journalism to the Long Tail: "I think passionate media is the only kind that will cut through the blur of commodification in the years to come."

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Bill Snider's final regular opinion column ran in this morning's N&R (unposted). The former editor of the paper was a hero of the desegregation era, a thinker and doer who seems to have known every major figure in the state in the second half of the last century. He's also a gentleman and a generous mentor to many writers, including me. Thanks, Bill.

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In the NYT, a thoughtful letter from my thoughtful cousin Annabelle in response to this article about groups using sonograms to convince women not to have abortions: "There is a lot more to raising a child than having a baby."

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"Show me the money" is my mantra on the ACC hall of fame proposed for Greensboro. Love the concept, but would also love to hear more about paying that $23 million price tag.

This morning's newspaper column has some suggestions on where to scratch for the scratch. I name names, and one of them is Jefferson-Pilot.

Read the whole thing.

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