Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Audio of today's State of Things program from WUNC, with Mike Munger, Laura Leslie, and me, ringmastered by Melinda Penkava.

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Ryan Lizza in TNR on Howard Dean's campaign for DNC chair and the bloggers who exerted "unusual, and utterly new, influence on the chairmanship race this year."

"(T)he levers of power in the Democratic Party have shifted out of Washington's hands. From the congressional leadership to the governors to the Clintons, top Democrats were all terrified of a Dean victory...And yet none of them could stop him."

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Let's see...in this clip, Ann Coulter rails against tenured academics who can say outrageous things without consequence...and in this one, she jokes that the US military should be targeting journalists in Iraq.

Consequence: laughter from host Larry Kudlow.

That minx! Shooting journalists -- a worthy follow-up to her famous one-liner about blowing up the New York Times.

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You know what's really sad about Juan Cole's complete intellectual destruction of Jonah Goldberg?

That Goldberg won't really care, and that it will make no difference at all.

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Bush budget in Red and Blue: Jay Ovittore breaks it down.

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Jerry McClough points to an interesting group: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, "Current and former members of law enforcement who support drug regulation rather than prohibition."

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Fascinating: The N&R allows Charles Davenport to lead his column this morning (unposted) with a "quote" from Thomas Jefferson that Jefferson almost certainly never uttered or wrote -- the same quote used in a letter to the editor on January 23, and debunked in a follow-up letter on January 31.

The prayer is widely ascribed to Jefferson's second inaugural address...but it's not in there. Or in the first one, either.

Davenport doesn't say that the "quote" is from an inaugural, he merely says it's from "Thomas Jefferson." Would that be the same Thomas Jefferson known to some of his contemporaries as "the arch-apostle of the cause of irreligion and freethought"? The one who used scissors and paste to remake the Gospels into an ethics text devoid of supernatural details?

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