Thursday, February 10, 2005

A roundup of thoughts on last night's blog meeting at the N&R. I think Shu's about right, at least from the GSO POV...and that's why the podcast is so valuable -- it pushes info on what's going on here to a wider audience.

Key point: you can do this in your town, at your newspaper and in your community. Greensboro is not unique. We are just a little ahead of the curve.

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Home after a brisk story meeting at ZD. Have now waded through the email, beat the dog, and spanked the children, so I'm almost caught up after a day on the road.

It is supposed that the survival of USAirways is a good thing for Greensboro, because it will mean they stay in Charlotte and we will thus get Southwest, but on a less Machiavellian level their service to NY is good and the terminal at LGA is bright and clean.

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Day trip to NY for long meeting.

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Vernon Robinson running for head of NC GOP. (via Tarheel Pundits)

Because the leadership of the NC GOP under Ferrell Blount is just not extreme enough?

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Audio Activism podcast of last night's blog discussion at the N&R.

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