Thursday, February 03, 2005

If you don't update it, is it still a blog?

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David Wharton: "Developer John Stratton's proposal to build 14 condominiums and one single-family home in historic Fisher Park was approved by the Greensboro Historic Preservation Commission last week. (Full disclosure: I am a member of the Commission, and I made the motion to approve the plan). I think Stratton's project is a sign of things to come in Greensboro, and a very good one."

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Dave's public session at the N&R does not conflict with the Duke-Carolina game, which does not tip off until 9:00. If you are lucky enough to have tix, you can still catch the first half hour of the confab.

Duke is better than I thought they would be. Dammit.

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Dave Winer will visit the News & Record next week and plans on "going to school on their citizen journalism project. On Wednesday the 9th I'm going to lead a discussion at the News and Record, with bloggers and pros, 7PM at 200 East Market St,  Greensboro, open to all."

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PressThink on Boxer, Okrent, Jarvis, Iraq the Model, etc.

So readers were supposed to dope out the strategy of presenting a muddled story to represent the muddled truths of the web? Hmm.

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Audio Activism interviews Roch Smith Jr. of Greensboro101.

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The N&R editorial team compressed a long interview with Jesse Jackson into a short opinion piece...but Doug Clark had more to say about the conversation.

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Lowana Currington has contributed to the Barber Shop, and now she has her own blog.

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There's a sadistic thrill in a scathing review, theater reviews most of all, since the distance in time and space between skewerer and skewered is so compressed. Here's Ben Brantley in the Times on a new show cobbled together from Beach Boys tunes: "'Good Vibrations' sacrifices itself, night after night and with considerable anguish, to make all other musicals on Broadway look good."

What about the cast? "(A) lot of washboard-stomached performers who give the impression of having spent far more time in the gym than in the rehearsal studio. As they smile, wriggle and squeak with the desperation of wet young things hung out to dry, you feel their pain. It is unlikely, however, to be more acute than yours."

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"Who is the mystery lady in La Fornarina?" Mia Fineman does some detective work on a Raphael painting. Her lede resonated with me, too: "I've always liked the idea of going to a museum to look at a single painting. I hate that bleary-eyed, sore-footed feeling you get when you stumble out of a super-mega-blockbuster exhibition—and find that you can't describe a single work in detail."

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Another day, another rant from Charles Davenport Jr., I thought on Feb 1 as I read his column in the N&R. Lots of generalizations about those pesky blacks and their civil rights, with a detour into bashing the N&R for its diversity policy. I paused briefly at his statement of support for MLK to wonder how he would have written about King 40 years ago, and I drank my coffee and moved on.

But not every reader let it pass -- in fact, Davenport Jr.'s editor, Allen Johnson, blogs his disgust, and JR takes a shot, too. Then, in the comments at Allen's blog, Jerry Bledsoe asks a great question -- didn't anybody read the column before it posted? Why weren't the factual errors addressed then?

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