Saturday, February 19, 2005

Greensboro101 has a weekly roundup from the local 'sphere.

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Elizabeth B: "I have been mentally writing and erasing this post for a long time, even at some points thinking I might not actually have to write it." Unfortunately, she did. (Thurs. 2/17, no permalink)

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If you are having trouble posting comments, please keep trying. It's not you, it's my blog software.

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Is NASCAR racist? "I don't like playing the race card," says Warren Brown. "But there are so many of them in the deck, especially when it comes to the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR)."

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Lowana Currington wants to know, "where did the money go, that was supposed to be put into St. James II?"

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Backwards City Review. Good work. Buy one here and support a cool Greensboro-based endeavor.

First edition has stuff by Michael Parker, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Cory Doctorow, and many others...fiction, non-fiction, poetry, graphics/comix...what are you waiting for?

Cheap! Now!

Lisa and I dropped in on the launch party last night, a pleasure to meet some of the BCR crew. Gerry Canavan agreed that Greensboro is feeling some sort of mysterious coolness upsurge.

And of course you should be reading the blog every day.

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NYT puts podcasting on A1. "And as bloggers have influenced journalism, podcasters have the potential to transform radio."

I guess Jill Abramson liked the PRX presentation at Harvard.

Yesterday I emailed an audio file to my fellow volunteers at a community organization. The response was strong, people were excited, a couple of smart folks told me they had never used their computers to play audio before...I keep reminding myself, we are at the beginning, but so much is happening so fast.

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