Saturday, February 12, 2005

Congrats to the good folks behind today's Triangle blog conference -- and to the many people who showed up and participated. Lots to process, more substance TK. Meantime, it was great to see some friends and meet people face-to-face who I knew only online, and nice also to be in Chapel Hill on a beautiful day. Thanks to Anton and Paul for putting this thing together, and for including me.

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David Wharton reports on a high-intensity meeting of the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress. "When the meeting was over, Nettie Coad grabbed Marsh Prause (they were the two most, um, enthusiastic view-exchangers) and said, 'hug me like you mean it, Marsh.' And he did."

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Off to Chapel Hill. Be sweet.

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The Charlotte Observer is being dragged into the blogging era, sneering and whining, by Anonymoses. (via Hoggard, who has a few choice words of his own.)

Poor Charlotte, trying to be cool but not knowing how.

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