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Tuesday, May 14, 2002

The Language Is Different

The Web is a medium that "honors" multiple forms of intelligence and has tools that amplify and express content as well as contextual aspects of emotion, passion and feeling says John Sely Brown in 'Screen Language': The New Currency for Learning. Your Thoughts? [] Related Info?   

Levy On Blogs

Levy (a Newsweek journalist) weighs in on blogs

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Eric Norlin: "So let me try (and probably fail) to be succinct: Pre-web services were things that required big servers, where we (the client) logged into the servers and accessed stuff. Web services *distribute* the stuff we want to access and, because of interoperability, make it much much much easier to make things work together. Byproducts: flexibility, cost reduction, increase in innovation. See, that wasn't that hard!" Your Thoughts? [] Related Info?   

One Step Back

Net firms turning to tradition in advertising. Online ad sellers are busy negotiating standards and creating research tools that will allow buyers to compare Internet inventory to traditional media such as television. Your Thoughts? [] Related Info?   

Big Co Makes Web Services Complicated

IBM exec details autonomic computing vision . Essentially, the vision is web services with  lots of industry "interface standardization". We can't wait until all of IT is built on committee work. Your Thoughts? [] Related Info?   


Simple Object Access Protocol  is one of the central elements of so-called "web services". Essentially, SOAP allows one computer to ask another to run a "procedure". It's a set of standards that are similar to XML-RPC. It is important because it allows a more distributed processing infrastructure to emerge without as much centralization as we currently have.

The two links in this article will give you access to an overly technical description of the processes. What's important to know is that the web now allows someone smarter than you (in software, of course) to make complex functionality available with simple "procedure calls".

In Radio (the software we use to generate this blog), the idea manifests itself as "macros" that can be inserted into the pages. The macros are executed in one place while the reults appear on your screen.

In other words, I call the macro (procedure) from my machine, it executes on another. You see the results on your machine.

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Test 2

test 2, ignore it too. Your Thoughts? [] Related Info?   

test, please ignore Your Thoughts? [] .    

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