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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Last Labor Shortage Brought Wage Freezes

The time of the Black Plague was the last historical example of a sustained labor shortage. Read the King's decree about wage freezes Your Thoughts? [] Related Info?   


Hossein Derakhshan: "There are about 1000 Persian weblogs."  [Scripting News] Your Thoughts? [] Related Info?   

Blog Notes 5: For Whom The Blog Flows

Embedded in most current blogging software is an odd notion. Because the systems are self-referential and the overall audience is in its early growth stages, there is an interesting assumption that one "blogs" for oneself or other bloggers. Conventions, like blogrolling (a cross linking scheme that builds traffic within the blogging community), have a nearly religious fervor associated with them.

Community building, as we've mentioned in other Blog Notes creates the essential social infrastructure on which the long term success of blogging rests. As the community voraciously consumes the product of other community members, a momentum develops. It's good for groundwork and subject to replacement at the beginning of the second phase of growth in the phenomenon.

Part of the difficulty ion understanding the real long term implications of this (or any technology) is learning to distinguish between bootstrapping mechanisms and the final ediface. The issue has large implications for the development community and is one of the flaws in an open source approach. Things that are useful in the bootstrapping of an approach *do* become irrelevant in later phases.

The challenge, as blogging moves towards the mainstream, includes figuring out who the end customers are. They could be bigger and better versions of the current blogging community. They are more likely to be my Mother and behind the firewalls large corporate users. The features that remain in later versions will be a function of the majority of users at that time.

So, the question is "How does an open source movement account for future customers?"


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Background Checking On The Increase

Worker background checks raise privacy concerns. [Privacy Digest] The solution? Why not worker generated background certification under the direct control and ownership of the employee? Your Thoughts? [] Related Info?   

Customer Success, Not Bug Free Code

The response I hear to the question of why software projects fail is that the customer did not plan well or didn't delegate well or made poor decisions. Is that really fair? Shouldn't the company selling a product that costs millions of dollars shoulder some responsibility for its ultimate usefulness?
Siebel: Absolutely. This is the point I'm making. We don't see it as our obligation to simply deliver bug-free software. We do whatever it takes to make sure the customer succeeds. So absolutely, I think it should be the software company's responsibility. And this is the responsibility that we take upon ourselves.  

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Why Companies Fail

Fortune.  Why companies fail [John Robb's Radio Weblog] Might be called: identifying sources of talent and knowing what to say.

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Teacher Shortage

Technology: Video-conferencing lessons to help teacher shortages. 02:12 ET - Ananova [NewsBlip.com] Your Thoughts? [] Related Info?   

Recruiting Inventors

To attract some of the world’s top inventors to participate, Myhrvold and Jung not only want to compensate them well but also aim to tap into the sheer joy that inventive people draw from their work—an emotion that they believe has largely been missing in corporate labs for a long time. As Myhrvold puts it, “Invention is so exhilarating that most true inventors would do it for free.”

See invention factory . [Memex 1.1]

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Balance Sheets

The basics of understanding a company: Decoding a Balance Sheet.  [The Motley Fool]

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