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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

IBM buys PwC Consulting and with that they save thousands of people from the consequences of the most idiotic proposed company name change ever and having to say "I work for Monday".  IBM does good things.
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Sam Ruby: Meanwhile, the ever moderate Jon Udell seems always be able to find the middle ground between my middle ground and the position that I am trying to moderate.  How does he do that?;)
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Quick note for myself: Considering that the core quality of RPC is to give us correlation between messages flowing between two ends of an asynchronous transport (SOAP+HTTP are RPC, too by that definition) and wrap that nicely into a function-call style sort-of looks-like-it thing that behaves synchronously, it's absurd to emulate asynchronous behavior on top of the mapping of synchronous behavior on top of an asynchronous infrastructure. Shall say: Remote RPC-style "I am done now" callbacks may not be the most clever thing to do.
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James completes my statement "Show me an approach to negotiate a 2-phase or 3-phase commit protocol successfully through HTTP and I'll be quiet" very nicely with:  "Not just successfully, but well.  In other words, it's gotta be something we (as technologists not businessmenpersons) are not ashamed of telling our customers to use."

Translation: The HTTP infrastructure just doesn't qualify as a self-contained solution for every class of problem in a Web Services world and, I would be tempted to argue that it's not a solution for the majority of problems once we get really started with the Web Services story in a mainstream fashion (no, it's not mainstream, yet; regardless of the the hype). Hence, the "I love HTTP" discussion (aka REST) is solely academic and of very little relevance for complex real-world designs now and even less moving forward -- methinks.

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Oooops. I had a doc (not a code) error in my ASP.NET state management snippet. The state variables must be protected or public. The XML doc was indeed correct, but my previous example snippet was wrong. Now it's correct:

         public class MyPage : StateManagingPage
             [PersistentPageState] public int pageVisitsEver;
             [SessionPageState] public int pageVisitsThisSession;
             [TransientPageState] public int roundtripsThisPage;
             /* omissions... */
             private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)

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I thought I should post a picture.
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