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  Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Very clear outline on the recent CIPA decision.  It's important that we librarians understand the issues involved so we can discuss them with patrons, friends, and relatives who might not have much background on filtering and First Amendment law.

The Children's Online Protection Act: The Recent District Court Decision in Context, for Librarians and Library Patrons. - A nice primer on CIPA. Worth a read through and printout for the reference desk. (via LLRX) [Library Stuff]

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Want to Start a Blog?. Find a brief account of how to start a blog with Radio Userland. [TVC Alert]

Genie Tyburski of TVC Alert and the folks at LLRX come through with a very timely article from Rick Klau about how he started his blog using Radio.  Very good timing for me, as I'm trying to explain this to the folks I work with.

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Sorry, I'm still learning and didn't post the title and link.  It's "Quiet revolution: Librarians teach and preach Open Source software at convention", at http://newsforge.com/newsforge/02/06/17/1514234.shtml?tid=11.
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Just got this link forwarded to me from a librarian at the Main Library about the Open Source meeting going on an ALA.  This is fascinating stuff, but I don't know how we can apply it in an academic law library.  Any ideas, people?  My husband actually teaches Linux,  and is going to library school, so maybe this is something he can educate us all on.  It's also interesting that apparently a lot of of this is from NZ.
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